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Birthstones are pretty common and everyone has heard about it, right? But have you heard about birth flowers? Well, there are birth flowers for every month, yes your birthday month has a specific flower too. Therefore whichever month your birthday is in, that flower is your birth flower. In that particular month, you will see the particular seasonal blossom everywhere- gardens, bouquets, front porches and at every other possible place. 

Each and every birthday flower for each different month has a different meaning and history behind it. Do you know what your birthday flower signifies?  Come, let’s find out so that the next time you want online flower delivery in Mumbai or any other Indian city and you are ordering online on Bloomsvilla, you know what the recipient’s birthday flower is, it will help you choose a flower better for him or her- 


People who are born in the month of January have two birth flowers: Snowdrop and Carnation. These flowers are not just beautiful but even extremely colorful. 


Carnations, just like roses, have various colors and each different color has a different meaning. For example, a pink carnation stands for affection whereas a yellow one stands for rejection or disappointment. Now you know, never send yellow carnations to somebody you are in love with! 

Snowdrop was used to be considered bad luck as it used to be commonly seen growing in graveyards but now it also stands for hope and beauty as it pokes through the snow and grows beautifully in winter.


February, also commonly known as the month of love, has two birth flowers as well- Violet & Primrose. 

Violet is a gorgeous flower that signifies faithfulness and loyalty, (making it perfect to give to your lover on Valentine’s Day.

The Primrose, on the other hand, stands for “I can’t live without you!”. Thus, it goes to the list of another meaningful flower that you can give to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine Flower delivery, whether you choose to give your partner a bunch of Violets or Primroses, or just a bouquet of red rose, you can order online on Bloomsvilla


If you are born in the month of March, your birth flower is none other than the beautiful Daffodil! Yes, you read that right.

Daffodil is the nickname for the flower whose original name is “Narcissus”, meaning numb sensation. The flower Daffodil stands for love- the kind that cannot be imitated! 

  • APRIL 

Guess what April birth flower is? Well, there are two and both are immensely gorgeous- Daisy and Sweet Pea.

Daisy conveys love, purity, and innocence. It’s also exchanged between friends as a promise flower to keep a secret. So if you want to send flowers to Mumbai, Bangalore or any part of India for your best friend to let her know that you are never going to share her secret with anybody else, place your order on Bloomsvilla right away!

Sweet Pea is a spring flower that signifies blissful pleasure and is also used to say goodbye to loved ones. It seems like William Shakespeare was, after all, thinking about Sweet Pea when he said: “Parting is such sweet sorrow!” Same day delivery in Mumbai and all Indian cities is available on Bloomsvilla, in case you want to order some Sweet Pea for somebody who is leaving the city and you have to say goodbye immediately! 

  • MAY

The birth flower for the month of May is Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the valley is an extremely beautiful flower with an amazing fragrance. It signifies sweetness and humility and also, return of happiness! You can give a bunch of Flower to any special person in your life to show them that they have come into your life and completed it in the most wonderful way. 

  • JUNE

The birth flowers for the month of June are very famous, very common yet extremely beautiful- rose.

Roses have different colors and each color has a different meaning. Like for example, red rose conveys romantic love for somebody whereas a yellow one is for the love you have for friends, though it also stands for jealousy. A white rose signifies purity and innocence and on the other hand, a pink one is for happiness! If you want to send a bouquet of roses to anybody and you want flower delivery in Delhi or any other Indian city, you can choose from the wide variety of options available on Bloomsvilla

  • JULY

The July birth flowers are Larkspur and Water Lily, both are absolute head-turners.

Larkspur has different colors and each color has a different meaning, for example, the white one conveys a happy nature whereas the purple one is for first love.

White Lily, on the other hand, signifies majesty and purity, yes! 


The birth flowers for people born in August are Gladiolus and Poppy. 

Gladiolus signifies calmness, remembrance, and infatuation. It indicates that your heart has been pierced with love for the recipient, in case you want to give it to somebody you have fallen in love with!

The Poppy flower’s various colors have various meanings. Like, for example, the red one stands for pleasure, the white one is given to console somebody and the yellow poppy is to wish somebody wealth and success. Poppy is definitely one of the best flowers to give on any occasion, based on their color that is.


The September birth flowers: Aster and Morning Glory. These two flowers are as beautiful as their names are!

Aster stands for powerful love and is considered to be very pure and positive. They add colors to nature and can make anyone’s day brighter!

The Morning Glory signifies affection and this flower shows very clearly how beautiful and amusing nature is. 


To people born in October, your birth flowers are Marigold and Cosmos. 

Marigolds might look extremely cheerful and bright but they, unfortunately, stand for despair and grief over a loved one and are associated with death. Though, we often believe the bright colors of it represent hope and optimism

Cosmos, on the other hand, signifies harmony and order.


If you are a November born baby, your birth flower is the vibrant Chrysanthemum, often known as “Mums”.

This flower, in general, symbolizes the Sun, youth, and happiness. It has various colors and each color means something different. For example, the red one stands for love whereas the white one is for purity and innocence. 


The birth flowers for the month of December are Narcissus (Paperwhite) and Holly, both of these symbolize hope.

Holly, in specific, stands for domestic happiness. Holly berries, although, are kind of toxic for human beings, in case you didn’t know. 

The Narcissus conveys the message to your special one that you want him or her to stay just the way they are, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day flower for your partner. 

Now that you know the birth flowers of all the different months, we hope the next time you are gifting flowers to somebody, you give not just a beautiful one but also one that is meaningful. It will surely strengthen the bond you have with the recipient! And if you want to send flowers to Mumbai or to any part of India, don’t forget to check out the amazing collection available on the Bloomsvilla website!

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