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Should most of us attempt to describe a typical day in two words, we’d say, endless scrolling.

Whether it is checking what’s landed on your feed on social media or looking for productivity apps that actually work, those words hit the mark!

However, we do understand the pain of trying to keep all the due dates in mind while juggling a million other to-dos.

Hence, we came up with a list of five of the best productivity apps that will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Share our love of these tools that result in great payoff and save you much hassle:


You may already have used FocusList, which will make using ForestApp easy for you. But the difference between these two lies in how the latter keeps you from pubbing around on your phone.

It’s especially handy when there are deadlines that you need to meet. Moreover, you can use ForestApp in conjunction with the Pomodoro technique for even better results. We find that a 25-min interval is best in most cases.

So, what you do is set your timer to 25 minutes. Then you stop worrying about things like who’s texting you, answering calls, etc., for that period of time.

Now, here’s the ForestApp twist. Should you successfully stick to your task and don’t pick up your phone even once, you grow a tree! Failure means watching the sapling wither and die. With each time interval braved, you add another tree to your woodsy haven. Thus, you’re looking at a potential forest, which will be quite a sight to look back at! Once you are done with the task, there is no problem in using airg spam-free apps. (After all, you too deserve some moments of peace! Wink wink)


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The problem with adding Notion to most lists is that you struggle to place it in the right category.

Does it take notes?


Should you use it to manage tasks? You can! What about keeping track of certain habits? Notion does that too! And it is a great project management tool, as well. For the latter, you can use Notion to store your SOPs,save ideas about projects that may pan out in the future, manage workflows, and coordinate with your teammates.

You see why it is so difficult to categorize Notion. You may use it for creating templates for any task or process. That includes simple to-do lists to a complicated multiple-step project. And while you’re doing that, your teammates will be able to keep up with the changes you make to that template.

Finally, for studentsand educators, a personal account on Notion is available. When they sign up with an .edu account, they won’t have to pay the $4/month fee!

One of our favorite apps for workhappens to be Boomerang. This plugin for Android, Gmail, and Outlook comes in handy when you get an important email but at an inconvenient time.

With Boomerang, you can temporarily dismiss that email. You won’t even see it in your inbox when you do that! Several hours later, when you have a handle on your other tasks, the message reappears like magic.

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But the magic of Boomerang doesn’t just end there. The plugin lets you press pause on your inbox, so you can focus on things besides the ping that announces email arrivals. Additionally, it allows you to schedule your outgoing messages so that they go out at specified times.


For teams working on a project that needs a toolmuch more comprehensive than the other to-do lists out there, Basecamp is the best choice. It appeared as a cloud-based project management apps quite a while ago. Itremains a popular project management gizmo.

If you opt for the Basecamp basic plan,your team gets to work on unlimited projects. Besides that, the app also offersyou 100GB of storage space. Want to add external users to a project? Need a plan that comes with more storage? Then opt for the premium plans for both.

Were you to ask us one reason for recommending Basecamp; we’d choose how intuitive it is. It’s almost Apple-like, albeit simple features make Basecamp a great aid. For instance, all your internal team members will get a daily email, so that they stay in the loop with where each project is at.

You’ll also find the following features to be of much use:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • A power user-directed cheat sheet
  • The option to drag and drop your files or reorder them
  • Integration with Google Docs

Evernote (Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)

Evernote is a notebook app that you’ll find available on multiple interfaces, including the web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.Once you have your ideas on Evernote, you can populate them with quick checklists, add in rich text, or reminders. You could also use it to scan your documents with Evernote’s built-in camera tool. Then there’s also the option for dragging in files, tracking your forms, tickets, and receipts. Afterward, you can organize the creative mess into separate notebooks. Tag them, developing your productivity system. Or, use Evernote’s search tool to find things as you need them.

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The tool also clips articles that you like and allows you to add them to your notebooks. Other things that you’d want to save, such as recipes and online references, also go in there.With the camera tools, you can extract data from business cards ormake digital notes out of paper post-it ones. Finally, there’s also the option of geo-tagging that refines each search you run.

As you can see, we’re gaga over these five productivity apps. They are resources that help us stay productive throughout the day. It may be that you would like a lineup different than the one we mention here. However, it is essential that you keep reviewing it from time to time.

Keep the tools you use daily and weed out ones that don’t help you reach your goals. We’re all juggling with multiple hats and roles. Some of us are studying while remotely working; others have even more on their plates. These apps can help power up productivity for all of us!