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The mobile is the most used device in this modern world. This device acts as the sixth finger and so many people without it feel lonely. This is because these devices are enabling the people to communicate worldwide and also they can able to get entertained. Before entering into the App Store most of the mobile applications are verified for its quality. Thus mobile app automation testing is the good one for rectifying the error and the bugs and so this will be useful for the mobile users to use it without any problem.

What are the types of mobile automation testing?

The testing the mobile apps are done both in the android and also in the ios platforms. The emulator is the essential one for the testing of the mobile apps in the pc. This will help them to rectify the errors and the bug present in the software languages like the python, dot net, java, and others. You can able to access all the codes that are written in various languages and so picking the right automation tool is the necessary one. You can find many of the automation tools like the Squish, Appium, Experitest, kobiton, and many others. These kinds of tools are the good ones for testing purpose and also this will detect any kind of faults in the codes, user interface, control key gestures, and many others. The types of the testing process done with the help of this tool are security, location, load, BlackBox, crowd-sourced, installation, accessibility, etc.  The testing of the mobile with the help of the various tools is the good one for the mobile user as this will not bring any issue in the future. The making the application famous in the play store without any problem is the necessary one then only the number of people will download the application. The mobile app automation testing will give the threat and the virus free script without any problem.

What are the benefits of using automation tools?

  • It will allow you to test the cloud.
  • The specialized APIs for native apps are available for Smartphone devices.
  • The gestures are easily controlled with the help of the automation tool.
  • The tools will allow the testers to do the process in the emulators, network devices, etc.
  • Many tools will have understandable scripts and so this will be easy to record and understand.
  • This will be a good one for enhancing the efficiency of the application. 
  • The applications will never get any negative feedback even when millions of people have downloaded it.
  • The automation tools will support both the android and the ios platform.
  • It will help the testers to make the end to end testing.
  • You will also find the many tools that are supporting the looping concept.
  • It is also simple to test multiple devices at the same time.
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