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In today’s IT dominated world, everything is available in digital form. There is software or an app for everything you want to do. Every business you can imagine is using some sort of IT platform to run their business efficiently. There is client management software for businesses where client information is stored and managed. Lawyers and law firms are no exception. Most corporate law firms in India use different types of software for managing their law practice. This software basically deal with client management, that is, maintaining client records, important documents, meetings and schedules, billing, and accounting. A lot of paperwork is involved in law practice, and managing them is a cumbersome job that requires lot of time and effort. There is also the possibility of errors and mistakes. This software reduces the chances of errors and helps in efficiently managing a law practice. This article will discuss some of the best management software for law practice for 2020.


This is cloud based software and is quite affordable. It is full featured software that is preferred choice of many law firms. It stores all the files and data at one place, and in its endeavour to meet customers’ needs it is continuously making improvements by using feedback and inputs from its users.

However, it has its own advantages and draw backs. It has an excellent management feature- manage documents, appointments and schedules, and allows you to communicate with your clients. As it is cloud based, security is very good. MyCase uses top-notch encryption and two factor authentication. It is quite easy to use as it has a very user-friendly interface. It also offers training sessions for new users.

On the flip side, it does not offer full accounting feature, but only supports billing and payments. Also, third party integration is quite poor, and integrates with only a limited number of apps, such as Dropbox, Google, QuickBooks, and Outlook.


It is a power packed and user-friendly software that has a bundle of strong features. It is designed for all law firms and its flexible pricing suits everybody’s needs. As is the case with MyCase, Clio keeps on improving by regularly adding new features that makes it attractive to all merger and acquisition companies in India and is counted among the best law practice software.

Its strong points include excellent integration with third party apps which makes it very useful and hands-on. It allows you to build your app on top of API in case you want to modify it to make it more workable for you. The accounts receivable aging report feature allows you to keep a tab on unpaid bills. Market tracking lets you know the source of your clients. Also, the Campaign Tracker lets you generate new phone numbers directed from your office phone and generate new leads.

Its weakness lies in inefficient reporting feature. Poor user controlled functions doesn’t allow you to customize data that is generated by proper reporting. Much like MyCase, Clio doesn’t have full accounting feature. It is limited to billing, trust accounting and basic bookkeeping.


It is specially designed for small and medium law firms and it brings in a lot of innovations and provides all basic functions. It has an excellent customization feature that allows you to customize case types, templates, workflows, and reports. It has a very good reporting feature and offers comprehensive accounting option. However, it doesn’t have an android or iOS app, but it can run on smartphones or desktop through any browser. There are reports of frequent software crashes which take a long time to recover.


It is robust software with an inbuilt accounting package for law firms. It combines law management and accounting, providing you with a remarkable experience. It comes with Lawpay that allows you to accept payments from your clients through credit cards. With this software, you can securely communicate with your clients and share confidential data without having to use the vulnerable emails. The money finder feature helps you keep a better track of your finances as it alerts you of unbilled completed tasks. Though it has a very good accounting feature, some people find it difficult to use. The calendar in the software is not very easy to view and use and most people use Google or Outlook calendars instead.


Finally in our list of best five law practice management software is Casebox. It’s free legal software which can be used in any litigation field. Despite being free, it offers most of the features available with its competitors. Many law firms in India use this software.

The drag and drop property allows you to drag a file from your computer and drop it into any folder in the Casebox. It is a quite practical attribute as people work with multiple tabs and folders at the same time. Casebox lets you control who all can view and edit files and folders as you can set access rules for users. Secure Sockets Layer encryption gives you additional security. The simple design makes it easy to navigate that makes your job easier and saves a lot of time.

The file and folder organization is not very encouraging, and many people find it difficult and time- consuming to create and modify documents. Some essential features are also missing, such as billing, expenditure tracking, or client management, etc.

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