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It is no secret that good education has the power to change a life. It can illuminate a person’s mind and thinking and is the key to success in the future. Earlier students learned more in classrooms, but now mobile apps are taking education out of the classroom and putting it in their homes or pockets. These education apps play a pivotal role in the life of students. The smart kids of today take the help of these educational apps and show considerable progress in their studies. There are a plethora of learning apps for students. These are a good platform for the co-ordination of parents, teachers and, students. The learning process has been made interesting and easy for the students. The way of learning in these apps is entirely different from traditional learning. These apps can be available round the clock. It is not time-bound learning, rather relaxed learning.

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Some of the exclusive benefits of learning apps are as follows:

Education and entertainment: Learning apps promote entertainment. Difficult and tough chapters are presented in-game form which makes learning fun. E-learning induces the interest of students in subjects which they might find boring.

Video oriented learning: Technology in the guise of apps has made learning more interesting. Video projects generate interest and keep students focused on learning and there is no need for pen and paper. Basic concepts are made clear through the videos. They leave memory impression for longer duration and helps in a better understanding of the complex topics.

Provides study material for all classes: The education app provides study material for classes 3-10. Class 6 is one of the consequential grades. In this grade, the study becomes a bit tough. Maths do scare children but it is the foundation of learning. The learning app turns it into a fun activity, the fear disappears and love for maths emanates. It provides numerous maths worksheets for class 6 CBSE.

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Parent-teacher communication: Through e-learning apps, teachers can attend the queries of parents anywhere. These apps are the best way to track your child’s progress and are helping to improve the skills in the subject he is weak.

Individually focused learning: It provides the personalized learning experience for every user. It reaches one user at a time. If the user does not understand the concept in one go, he can play the lesson again at any time and clear his doubts.

Systematic and smart learning: The learning apps are arranged in a systematic and smart manner such that the students of all classes find it convenient to understand the basic concepts especially, the subjects in which they are weak. Moreover, the systematic way promotes interest among the students and they show better performance in exams.

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The mission of these learning apps is to help students become better and lifelong learners. They have made learning accessible, effective and personalized. These apps are a combination of expert teachers, video lessons and, interactive games. Concepts are related to real-life experiences for a better understanding of students. The learning app offers a school learning program for mathematics, science and, Olympiad and follows the latest CBSE syllabus. This platform for school students provides chapter-wise tests with complete solutions, class 6 maths question paper CBSE, previous year papers, sample questions and mock tests for almost all classes. Thus it helps in building a solid foundation base during childhood.