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Wearing gemstone is not a new trend in the market. This is there since ancient times. Earlier also people used to wear stones according to the placement of planets in their birth chart. It is believed that these stones provide the person whosoever wears it a positive energy and gives him a new beginning to his life. There are various gemstones and according to the recommendation of gemologist, the person can wear these very beautiful and precious stones. Pukhraj stone price or any other stone price is measured in ratti. 

Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is ruled by lord Jupiter or we call it Brihaspati. This is one of the most cherished gemstones all over India by the people who are either industrialists, politicians, artists or any other profession that matters to society. Wearing this gemstone is not an easy job. The first condition for its benefit is to buy the best quality phukhraj. 99% of these stones are duplicated with overheated stones. But the best and pure quality of yellow sapphire can be bought from Khanna gems. Second thing is that it cannot be worn by any person. It should be only worn if the astrologist has recommended you. Following are the thing that is to kept mind while wearing this stone:

  • Weight. Astrologers recommend that the stone should weigh a minimum of 1/12th weight of the wearer. Like if a person weighs 60 kg then he should wear pukhraj that weighs a minimum of 5 ratti.
  • Metal: the next thing to consider is in which metal this stone should be worn. People with budget limits go for either silver or panchdhaatu metal. Otherwise, for better results, this stone should be studded in gold metal. And this should be kept in mind that while wearing this it should properly touch the skin. as this will help to grab more positive energy towards the wearer.
  • Day and time: according to Vedas, this original phukhraj stone ring should be worn on Thursday by wearing yellow clothes on that day. This stone ring should be worn on Thursday morning from 5 a.m to 7 a.m.

Now comes the correct method of how to wear it. It has a set of procedure that is to be followed before wearing. The process is stated below:

  • Purification: for purification of this stone, this ring is to place in a metal bowl and Ganga jal, basil leaves, cow milk, honey, and ghee are to be added in that. This will purify the gem completely.
  • Activation: after purification, the ring is to place on a clean soft cloth and holy mantra is to be recited for 108 times i.e.” Om Brim BrihaspatayeNamah.” After that, the ring is to wash with distilled water.
  • Pukhraj finger: after the activation, the person can wear this ring in their index finger of the working hand.

This pukhraj stone will then enhance the positive energy into the life of the wearer but this will happen only when it is taken in the original form. For original stones, you can contact Khanna gems, that are there in this business from the last 30 years. They are dealing in all type of gemstones

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