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Big Data is used in retail to improve customer experience and in finance to offer more personalized services to clients. Nowadays Big Data is almost everywhere. As the penetration of mobile devices and software applications is increasing, the Big Data industry is growing along with it.

It’s no surprise that the applications of Big Data to build mobile apps are picking up pace. As mobile applications are increasingly becoming part of people’s life, Big Data has made its way to improve mobile applications. Here are a few ways in which Big Data is making mobile application development better.

  1. Better user experience (UX)
    User experience is the number one factor to decide whether a mobile app will stay or will be deleted. Big Data analytics can be used to gather insights about user actions and used to make improvements. Similarly, Big Data can be used to automate and flag issues to developers when users encounter friction in their experience.
  2. Personalization and predictive analytics
    In the internet age, personalization is perhaps the only way to engage customers and Big Data is extremely helpful at this front. Using Big Data analytics, apps can deliver personalized content.
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Video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer personalized videos based on the viewer’s past experiences. The effectiveness of this practice is validated by the fact that 80 percent of the videos are watched as recommended by the app’s engine.

Similarly, Amazon uses predictive analytics to sell its products at prices based on customer’s past purchases and shopping behavior and increases the chances of buy.

  1. Real-time analytics – How better can things get if you could analyze real-time data? Certain mobile applications are already doing so to provide on-demand services and make things convenient for consumers. Uber, for instance, takes into account real-time locations of drivers, traffic, and customer’s location to best possible offer rides to customers.
  1. Marketing strategies – In the mobile age, mobile marketing strategies are increasingly complex. In this scenario, a lot of user data can be collected and analyzed to build user persona and create effective marketing strategies. User behavior, demographic, and social behavior can further be analyzed to build customer personas.

    For instance, marketing automation soft wares use customer data to offer and create personalized marketing plans to acquire new customers as well as re-engage existing customers.

    Big Data analytics has come a long way in the past few years. It has proven benefits in nearly every sector of the industry. While Big Data industry has grown from the increasing penetration of mobile apps and other applications in our lives. It also offers opportunities to make mobile applications better.

    Markets and Markets reports Big Data industry is expected to grow to $66.79 by 2021. This, undoubtedly, is a signal for the future development of the Big Data industry. In the same timeline, mobile application development is expected to reach $407.31 by 2026, signaling a prosperous future.

    While both markets grow, the reliance on one market for the growth of others will be interesting to watch.





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