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The term “best” is relative in that it depends on what your needs are when you consider IP PBX software for your business communication. Almost all IP PBX software include common feature set such as call back, call forward, call transfer, call pickup, DND, speed dial, voicemail, busy lamp and even video call these days. There are other factors to consider based on what you think is the best PBX software that slots in with your operations. 

Hosted or on-premise solution

  • On-premise IP PBX software gives you full control but the down side is high up front cost, maintenance costs and upgrade cost. 
  • Hosted IP PBX is better in that you get access to full set of features, no need to worry about upgrades and a scalable, robust, modular solution. Pay for only what you use. The downside is that running cost can be higher but it is offset if you consider that you pay out of your earning. 
  • The winner here could be the hosted PBX. 

Does it have least cost routing?

If your company makes long distance and international calls then you will want to take a look at this feature. IP PBX solutions that feature least cost routing can save you plenty of money over the years. The smart feature automatically finds various routes and carriers, and selects only that route for your outgoing call that will cost you the least. 

Support for all brands IP phones

If your business communication set up uses various brands of IP phones you want an IP PBX solution that will provision all such phones. This is ideal for a business that has an existing PBX and wishes to switch to a better IP PBX and make use of its existing SIP phones. If you are a startup then you may consider other options such as WebRTC phone system that will give you what you need with minimum investment in hardware. You and your employees can use your mobile phones from anywhere. 

Number of concurrent calls

Some providers do not emphasize this aspect of the IP PBX system. If the system cannot handle incoming and outgoing calls concurrently, especially if these are in large numbers then you will see performance bottlenecks that could have an adverse impact on your business. Check this point with the software provider before you decide. 

Unified communication 

Today’s IP PBX must be able to do more than give voice phone facility. You need unified communication that includes fax, voicemail, email and SMS for your communication to be truly effective. While on the topic you will also have to take a look at whether the providers offers to integrate it with your existing CRM or offer an external system like Zoho. 

Tech support 

Anything can go wrong so says Murphy’s Law and you do not want a glitch to hold up important business communication. Tech support is important but here too speed of response is far more important. You will find that smaller companies are more responsive when it comes to tech support. 

The “best” will be a compromise with some features being more important for you in the IP PBX software. Here, providers that offer to customize your PBX will prove to be better for you. 

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