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Have you ever purchased a diesel generator before? If not, then chances are you have thought about buying one but swayed away owing to the few misconceptions that are out there. People who already own diesel generators know these myths to be nothing more than just that, a myth.

So, in this article, we are going to debunk some of the biggest myths associated with diesel generators that for some reason seem to have been prevalent for far too long.

  1. “All Diesel Generators Are Too Noisy”:

While the vintage diesel generators used to be heard in operation from miles away, the same can’t be said about the new models available these days. Even today, people who stray away from buying diesel generators mostly do so based on the age old belief which they can’t shake off from their conscience.

However, thanks to the recent advancements in science and technology, new designs and innovative approaches have made diesel generators rank far lower on the decibel charts than people give them credit for.

Diesel generators are not just more energy-efficient than ever before, they are also more silent than most power generator types. So, when purchasing a diesel generator, clamor production should no longer be a reason for concern.

  1. “Diesel Generators Are Most Polluting Power Sources”:

When the Rudolph Diesel’s earliest model hit the market all those decades ago, it was apparent that the machine was never the most environmentally-friendly device ever made. Infact, the diesel generators of older times were quite noisy and polluting for the environment, but once again, innovation in technology brought about the significant changes in the latter models which were far less pressing on the environment, whilst yielding more power than ever before.

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Even diesel fuel quality has improved tremendously since then, as well as the fuel storage facilities, thereby creating better fuel combustion and cleaner emissions. Yes, diesel generators are still not the most environment-savvy choices out there, but they are also far better at being less polluting than what people give them credit for.

  1. “Diesel Generators Are Unreliable Power Sources”:

This misconception is still hard to fathom on so many different levels, especially because it seems to have been birthed from mere hearsay, and without any real proof supporting the claim. In fact, diesel generators have always been, and remain to this day, amongst the most reliable power production sources out there.

Afterall, this is the reason why governments all over the world employ diesel gensets (on every single occasion) in case of a sudden power blackout that lasts for long periods of time. The governments rely on diesel generators to ensure that normal operation continues and the economy along with people’s livelihood doesn’t take a massive hit.

In fact, with proper maintenance, you can rely on your residential backup diesel generator to continue to serve you for years and years to come (approx life-span being more than 18,000 hours of operation).

  1. “The Best Diesel Generators Are Way Too Expensive”:

While it’s true that some of the biggest and commercially employed diesel generators can cost you north of $200,000AUD, but we don’t think you’ll need a genset that produces power value to lighten up the whole neighborhood. Your coffee-maker and phone charger will be powered sufficiently with portable diesel generators that are not just compact, but also far less expensive (some of them cost even lower than $10,000AUD).

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The purchasing cost is all relative to the individual power supply requirements that you may have as well as the storage space you can afford. However, for most household power needs, any ordinary diesel generator found in regular homes will answer your demands equally well.

It’s important to go with generator sizing so that you may not end up buying a diesel genset that’s either too small or too large for your needs. Both the scenarios are equally undesired as it might impact your electricity bill significantly.

  1. Diesel Generators Don’t Require Any Maintenance Whatsoever”:

Just like humans, the machines such as diesel generators are mortals too. Although most diesel generators are meant to go on serving power to your family for years and years, you can’t expect the poor machine to continue operating at its optimum level without any upkeep once in a while. If anything, you’re just preparing to face last minute disappointments when a prolonged power outage hits your area and the generator gives up after a few hours of work.

Without maintenance every 5-6 months from certified professionals, the generator overall power efficiency will surely take a hit, and the machine that should generally last for 20-30 years (with proper upkeep) might need to be replaced after a few years.

  1. Diesel Generators Take Up Too Much Storing Space”:
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Once again, the affair is all dependent on the individual power requirements that you may have. Naturally, commercially employed diesel generators are very bulky and take up a lot of space, which is not a desirable trait that house owners look for.

However, most diesel generators are not that big, especially the ones meant to supply power to homes and small offices. They are also supplied in portable sizes that are albeit heavy, yet small enough that they can easily be transferred from one area in the house to the other with the help of a single volunteer.


Diesel generators even after decades of their emergency continue to be the foremost choice of power sources for individuals and organisations alike, and there’s a good reason for that. Diesel generators are amongst the most reliable, efficient, and cost-friendly power production devices out there.

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