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Ayurveda is the oldest and traditional medical system. It finds its origin in India. It has deep roots in India’s history and also finds its mention in various Vedas or epics like Ramayana. It depends on the ancient scripts written by ancient Ayurveda physicians to deal with mental and physical health problems. Its principles include natural healing of wounds or diseases through the medicines purely made from organic products. The ayurvedic medicines are generally made from plants, tree pulps in some cases, various metals and natural minerals. In ayurvedic science, they believe that human health depends on the perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit. So, it prepares the medicines accordingly. They are completely different from allopathic treatments.

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The allopathic treatment includes endless treatments. The courses are for a long duration and do a big hole in our pockets. The poor and middle man once sucks in it. They find no way to get rid of it. The doctors’ sole aim is to extract more and more money. We completely lose quality treatment today. The ayurvedic treatment is opposite to it. It is a boon given by our elders. It heals everything naturally so, it has no side effects. The costs of medicines are also not high. Anybody can afford it. Many medicines for various treatments like respiratory syrups, digestive syrups and antiseptic are available. To buy the best ayurvedic products you can visit torque Ayurveda.

In the ayurvedic system, they consider the body is made up of five elements – air, fire, space, earth, and water. There are many ways in today’s medical industry to detect or diagnose the illness but in Ayurveda, they believe only 8 components can detect the illness. Those components are –

  • Nadi/pulse – If the pulse rate is higher or lower than the normal pulse rate, the person is considered ill.
  • Mootra/urine – The consistency and color of the urine help to detect the problem.
  • Mala/stool – The composition of human stool is checked through various traditional methods. If they find anything, they predict the problem and treat accordingly.
  • Jihva/tongue – The color of the tongue also depicts if a person is suffering from any type of illness.
  • Shabda/speech – The words and the way a person talks is also a way to detect the illness of a person according to Ayurveda.
  • Sparsh/touch – Often we can see in Indians to check the body temperature through touch. By touching the patient’s body an ayurvedic physician can easily detect the problem.
  • Druk/vision – The patient’s eyes depict many things. An expert physician can tell the problem through vision also.
  • Aakruti/appearance – Often the appearance of body changes if one is suffering from any type of illness. Through this also problems can be predicted.
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 There are many types of syrups available in ayurvedic treatment but the people often prefer ayurvedic digestive syrups because it gives instant relief. The ayurvedic system is best of all treatment with the least side effects. If you are suffering from any kind of illness give Ayurveda treatment a try.