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Undoubtedly, technology is transforming every aspect of the business world. And it’s no surprise that it has affected the whole human resource field as well. Various innovative technologies such as HR software are truly reshaping the way HR managers work and carry out their HR practices. Technology is literally allowing them to mature and complete tasks more effectively. 

With the use of a data-driven approach, every manager is able to build insights, take several decisions, plan and manage the workforce easily. No manager has to juggle with those files and folders anymore! In addition to this, automation and digitalization are benefiting companies even more by improving their efficiencies, reducing expenses and time and a lot more. 

Here are the 4 fundamental HR functions improved by the technology!!

Recruitment & Onboarding 

We are past the time when hiring individuals was a big task. Today, artificial intelligence is making it easier to find talented and skilled individuals for an organization. How? From screening to interviewing, AI is just improving the candidate experience management and giving a new face to the recruiting process. 

And of course, data remains one of the vital components in the recruitment process. But with the help of disruptive technologies such as HR software, managers are able to evaluate data in a more meaningful way. This clearly shows how AI is becoming intelligent by cutting down huge piles of resumes. Now, acquiring a qualified candidate is just a click away. Using big data insights, HR professionals can easily end up with the right candidate who fits their job position. And this ultimately saves a good chunk of time.

 Learning Experience 

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We all know that learning technologies are constantly progressing. One can find a number of tools and software available for both reskilling and constant upskilling. Learning experience platforms are combined with collaborative learning, AI-based content recommendations, video authoring, micro-learning tools and much more. All thanks to the VR technology that is making training experience exceptional and more effective. All in all, we are blessed with a number of training platforms today. Hence, it is the primary duty of HR managers to consider the importance of upskilling and provide their workforce with every opportunity to enhance their skills and build new ones. 

Employee Engagement

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There are a number of HR software available that conduct employee surveys and feedback. This way, HR managers can easily get in touch with the workforce, collect information and utilize it for making some productive decisions in the workplace. Hundreds and thousands of companies in India are already using several technologies to improve their employee experience. For instance- HROne is a well-known HR and payroll software that factor in features such as moodbots to measure the happiness index of employees, chat to allow fast and effective communication, badges and rewards to appreciate employees and much more. Such features truly support managers to increase employee engagement and productivity within a workforce. 

Workforce Monitoring 

For any organization, employee feedback and employee performance review are two of the most essential factors. I wonder how HR professionals did these 2 things when there was no technological support. It would have been a nightmare for them to keep a tab on employee performance. Fortunately, technology has gifted them numerous HR solutions at this age.  One just has to search, “best HR and payroll software” and pick the best-fitted one for their company needs. Using such software, managers can easily track employee performance and impart employee feedback too. From recording to evaluating, HR managers can do every task efficiently and quickly. Also, the practice of simple and frequent feedback eventually improves the productivity of every employee, helping them to keep their best foot forward for organizational success.

Bottom Line!!!

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Technology is surely emerging very fast and hence, we are sure that it will also redefine the future of human resources. Hence, an HR manager should always try to stay ahead and be updated, not only to improve employee experience but also to add value to their business.