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It is the dream of most guys to ride a custom made chopper once in their life. While the sporty flashy sports bikes attract everyone’s attention, chopper bikes are made for the more burlesque looking men who give off a tough guy’s personality from the very first look. Chopper bikes were first introduced in California in the 50s. Since then, it has been popularised globally. 

The bikes have a traditional high handlebar and a slant seating position. Most of these bikes were popularized in the 60s when the motorcycle gangs became a rage in America. Since then, the popularity of these motorcycles has only gone up, and most of the men today look for a custom chopper for sale to ride on. The market is also flooded with second-hand choppers. If you have yourself got a custom chopper on sale, then you can follow these maintenance tips to get the best out of your next ride. 

Check tires regularly

Tires are like the feet of your bike. The whole weight of your bike is borne by them. It is important that you inspect them regularly. Make sure you give them a thorough inspection and look for the tire pressure every time you are out for a ride. You need to look for the grips in the tires. Grips are the markings on the tires that help them to stick to the surface of the road and ensures the stability of your bike. If the tire is old enough, the grips will start to diminish, and the bike will become very unsafe to ride on. Apart from the grips and treads, you must also check for the balancing and alignment of the wheel. The alignment and wheel balancing of the tires must be checked once a week. 

Engine oil

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Engine oil must also be checked at regular intervals and replaced if necessary. People forget to check the engine oil on a regular basis. This directly hampers the performance of the bike and considerably lowers the life of the engine. You must pay attention to the engine oil level by the engine oil indicator of your bike. 

Make sure that there is no leakage of engine oil. Engine oil at room temperature has a high viscosity, but as the oil is poured in the engine of the bike, it becomes more fluidic due to the high temperature of the engine. This causes the oil to flow to different parts of the engine. Sometimes, the oil may even be flowing outside of the engine and onto the packing of the engine. Make sure that this does not happen. Another problem with engine oil is that it attracts carbon making it dirty. Dirty oil is very harmful to the engine as it hinders the working of engine pistons and may eventually lead to a complete failure of the bike engine.

Air and oil filters

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The filters in a custom made chopper are usually prone to the dust build-up as the chassis of the choppers are mostly open. So, make sure that you get the air and oil filters regularly cleaned up. Air filters are made up of several layers of composite foam that prevent the engine from the incoming dust particles. It is advisable to clean this filter in every service of your chopper. Oil filter, on the other hand, is not that simple as it filters out all the impurities and carbon residue of the engine oil. So they are mostly replaced as they filter so many impurities that they become irreparable.

Clutch calibration

An important aspect of the choppers is the clutch. As the frame of these bikes is unlike any other, the clutch positioning is also somewhat different. In most bikes, the clutch wire is shorter than the clutch wire used in choppers. So you need to check for any kind of damage to this wire in the choppers. Also, as the clutch is used frequently, they should be adjusted correctly, and there must be an appropriate amount of free play. If the clutch is not adjusted properly, then the engine will not get enough time to shift gears, and this may cause burnout of the engine. 

Battery and other electrical components

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The electrical components of the bike must also be checked regularly. With prolonged use, the circuits may get fused due to the heating effect of the current. The battery is the central unit of charge in a bike, so make sure that it functions properly. 

All these tips prolong the life of your custom made chopper. After all, you have spent a lot of money to get a custom-built chopper just for you. You should be able to take care of it. If you have not yet bought a chopper and are looking for custom made chopper for sale, click here.