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Something that we initially thought originated and was limited to Chinese boundary has now spread across the world. The number of infected people is increasing rapidly with no control. It was only when the virus reached our Country, we realized how powerful it is and what all it is capable of doing. Coronavirus has not just done a major harm to the lives of the people but to the global economy as well, and the situation seems difficult to retrieve.

When the whole country is under lockdown and struggling to fight this deadly disease, what is your take on running a business with the best of efficiency that is possible in these trying times? Let’s find out what you can do as a team to shield from losing the pace and your resources from losing their health.

1. Employee Safety Comes First

Every business, especially the smaller ones are going through the losses, but you as leader have to think of the solution to not just protect your business drowning but keeping your employee’ health and safety on priority. 

  • Make sure the business trips that your trusted sales people were making to convince the clients are not happening via video/audio calls only.
  • You might be known in the industry for rendering timely solutions to clients in case of issues, but make sure that you are handling the same now remotely. Of course, the quality and standard of services should not be compromised, but things can be addressed efficiently if handled with the same dedication.
  • Make sure you’re aware of the health of your employees by regularly talking about their health and keeping check if anybody develops flu-like symptoms. Help them by providing proper medical insurance services so that they don’t hide their symptoms and get the same treated timely.
  • Make them aware of the hygiene needed to be maintained. Give them the work from home facility if possible and if not, make a concrete seating arrangement following social distancing.

2.Cut the Non-essential Expenses

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You might be outsourcing several services to run the business smoothly. But, in these trying times – you should be well aware of the things that are essential right now and what all can be avoided for the time being.

Let your own people handle things that you were outsourcing. It could be a freelancer that you must have hired to get the content thing, or the development of a website done. Encourage your own people to get the job done even if it sounds challenging. This way, you would not just justify salaries of your own people working from home but will also save quite a lot of money for future needs.

3.Invest in an Automation Software

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This may sound a leisure and non-essential thing to invest in, but believe it’s the best solution. With the majority of your resources working from home with no access to data remotely, great ERP software like SAP Business ByDesign can be of utmost importance to empower you to access data anytime anywhere with greater accuracy and efficiency. There are many ERP companies in Noida dealing in SAP Business ByDesign software with unmatched services and consulting solutions like Uneecops Technology Pvt. Ltd. The company has a track record of handling successful implementations and is still handling the deployment facilities phenomenally even in these trying times. The software is suitable for all industry types be it chemicals, manufacturing, retail, fashion, jewelry, etc. and known to embark upon the journey of success for many prospering companies.

This time too shall pass; nothing remains same for a longer time. But this investment made today would benefit you tomorrow also when things would be normal and the day after that too…