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When you decide to buy a hosting service, you step into the world of options. There is so much to choose from – different types of hosting services, different operating systems, managed and unmanaged plans, variation in resources, etc. Unless you are clear about what you want from the hosting service, making these decisions can be quite a challenge. Having said that, it is important to remember that the hosting service plays an important role in the performance of your website. Hence, you must choose carefully. Today, we will be talking about two popular hosting services – Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Web Hosting and comparing the two.


Dedicated Hosting & VPS Web Hosting Services

A Dedicated Server, as the name suggests, is a web server dedicated to your website. All the resources of the server are used only by your site, and you have complete control over the hosting environment and computing power of the server.

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On the other hand, Virtual Private Server is like a combination of a Dedicated Server and Shared Hosting services. The hosting provider uses virtualization to divide a physical server into several virtual servers. Your site is hosted on one such virtual server that has dedicated resources and an isolated environment like a Dedicated Server but does not cost as much.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Feature Dedicated Hosting VPS Hosting
Costs This is one of the costliest web hosting services since your website resides on an enterprise-grade web server. VPS Web Hosting services are cheaper and more cost-efficient than Dedicated Hosting services. This is because of the architecture of a virtual server where one physical server is divided into multiple VPSs.
Security Since in Dedicated Hosting, you are the only user of the resources of the server, you don’t have to worry about other websites causing security threats to you. Apart from the common security threats that all sites face, Dedicated Hosting is considered to be a secure hosting service. Although VPS Hosting is considered to be one of the most secure hosting services, theoretically, there is a slight possibility of a security threat. While each VPS is isolated from the others, if a virus reaches the hypervisor level, then it can infect all the virtual servers on the system.
Control Being the sole user of the server, you have unrestricted control over all the resources of the server. However, this also means to optimally utilize the resources, you need technical expertise or hire someone who does. While VPS services offer root access that allows you complete control over your VPS, since the web server is shared, there are limits to the aspects that you can control.
Performance If we compare a Dedicated Server with a VPS having similar configurations, your website will perform better on a Dedicated Server because it offers more control over its resources.
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Summing Up

Hence, as you can see above, a Dedicated Server has some benefits over a VPS. However, whether the higher costs justify the benefits is something that you need to decide based on the hosting requirements of your website. Research well and consider all aspects before buying. Good Luck!