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Slip case boxes are mostly used for packaging books, diaries, etc. They are generally used by premium brands that want to showcase stylishly as well as provide protection. They are manufactured with a sturdy cardboard sheet that is excellent for safety purposes. They can be manufactured in different sizes with altered shapes according to the taste of the brand. Many brands like to get them printed with the same texture and design as the product inside them has. They are opened from one side from where you can slide in or out the item by the use of a ribbon, cardboard sheet, or a rope.

Slip case boxes are not less than a bliss for the businesses associated with books and their shipping. They are widely used for this purpose al over the world. But what are the reasons for their increasing used in the shipping of books? The following reasons will make it clear to you why they are mostly used for this purpose.

Safeguarding abilities

The custom slipcase boxes are manufactured with the cardboard stock that is a well-known material for the packaging. They provide excellent safety to the books during and after transportation. The pages of the books can be damaged easily due to harmful elements like humidity, air, chemicals, and many other things. These cases protect them from all these elements. Moreover, they are stacked during shipment that can damage these items if used other packaging. These packages are rigid and do not let the pressure change their shape.

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Display in style

The slipcase box design is considered one of the most elegant one by the people. The books generally have a conventional shape that might not be altered easily. That is why businesses use these cases to add the element of style in their products. By doing this, businesses can display rich style they have. They can be manufactured in unique and innovative styles that can be an excellent way of showing the products. Many people see the products while shipping, so this style can make a positive impact on them.

Cover page

These display cases are an amazing way of showing the product. They can be printed with the same cover page as the book inside them have. The texture, colors, and designs of all of them can be matched to make it a pure copy of the front page of the book. This is done to protect the original product as people can see the front page and enough information about it and make their purchasing decision. All without touching the original product.


Creates a sense of excitement

Businesses can get them manufactured from book slip case manufacturers in alluring designs that look appealing. This creates a sense of excitement in the minds of the people. People perceive the quality of the products in the quality of the packaging. That is why they are very important for high-end businesses. This provides an introduction of the book as well that can be beneficial for customers and can make their mind to buy.

Store multiple items

Many businesses like to ship multiple products in the same package. This does reduce not only the cost of the businesses but also provides an effective way of organizing more products. This can be done by binder boxes as they can be altered in different sizes. The businesses can get them manufactured with cardboard inserts to make compartments for different books. They can also be manufactured without these separators, so the books can be stacked on one another in a single package.

Provides durability

Slipcase box design provides durability to the products. This is because without them, the books may get damaged easily, and the pages can also get harmed due to environmental and physical effects. These cases protect these harmful elements that increase their life.

Ease of inserting and pulling out

These display cases provide easiness in packing and unpacking the books. Many retailers show the books on display, and when it is easy for people to take out and check the product, they are more likely to buy it. The customers do not need to open the case and then close it. They can simply pull the item out by a dedicated rope or ribbon.

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Enhanced shelf life

One of the most disturbing facts about books is that they lose their quality after some time on the retail shelves or racks. Binder boxes are an excellent solution to this problem. They do not let anything that can be harmful, like dust or moisture, enter them. That keeps the items safe for a long period.

They are Economical

Book slip case manufacturers make these cases with recycled materials. These materials are pretty low in cost. Their manufacturing process is also very cost-efficient. Moreover, people buy them in bulk quantity to reduce more costs. This is one of the big reasons they are used for shipping the books. The custom slipcase box has huge importance in the book publishers. It provides plenty of benefits that cannot be ignored. The aforementioned reasons are some of the many that show why they are mostly used for book shipping.