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Coronavirus outbreak left the whole world thinking about their medical capabilities, food supplies, economic conditions and strategies to fight the pandemic. No wonder the severe disproportional effect of COVID-19 worsened the health and economies of many countries. However, there exist some countries that never went lockdown, citizens there are free to move, no deaths reported, number of COVID-19 positive cases is less and life is as normal as it used to be before the Pandemic. The virus is the same, however, its behavior changes with the geographical conditions of each country or even each state of the country for sure, but, its average fatality rate remains the same. Then, how come some countries are the worst hit, whereas, some countries weren’t impacted at all? The answer is Data!

Data is everywhere, the sooner we attain the ability to act according to the analysis of the same, the sooner we can avoid challenges. This is true for both whether it’s related to running a business or a nation. And that intelligence to analyze the raw data is achieved by implementing robust business intelligence software in place, like Tableau. Be it the financial loss in business or the loss of life, property and economy to the nation as whole, Tableau with its unique data analyzing capabilities and insightful reports, can help you navigate through the right direction and can help you recover faster.

Let’s understand in detail how the situation of nations is different in this Pandemic.

What Worsened the Situation in Some Countries?

It’s the delay in the analysis of data that worsened the situation in some countries. Had the government efficiently analyzed the health report, or acted instantaneously during the phase 1 of the Coronavirus spread, the situation would have been different. With a business intelligence platform like Tableau software, the other countries were able to understand the stats better and did their best to contain the disease while making appropriate steps in advance.

Let’s see what all useful information Tableau was and is still able to render that can prevent the community spread of the disease:


  • Monitoring the Health Reports from Various Hospitals and Community Healthcare Clinics
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Detailed information on the health statistics of the citizens can give a clearer picture to the concerned authorities. For example, the trend in the seasonal flu is an increasing number of respiratory issue cases should have been monitored and analyzed and since, the Virus was already in the news because of its devastating effect on Wuhan State of China, the situation would have been analyzed well in advance.


  • Food and Shelter Facilities


Even after the spread of the virus, the government can keep a check on the food and shelter facilities of the citizens with insightful reports with real-time updates in the number of COVID-19 cases.


  • Planning Lockdown and Strategies
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The trend in the cases before and after the lockdown period could be analyzed efficiently using tableau software and thus, the further policies can be implemented as per the stats of the same.

As said earlier, data is everywhere, we just need to have the right intelligence to analyze the same and contain the current COVID-19 outbreak.