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COVID -19 Pandemic has made many things difficult for nearly everyone. People are struggling to beat the infection and save their lives and some are struggling to save their lives from the worst financial crisis. No wonder to say that the pandemic has created a global economic crunch and the worst hit due to the same are the small to midsize businesses that don’t have the right technology to adapt to the new ways of working during COVID-19.

Also, even though the government has released some of the restrictions and leaders are starting to reopen their businesses. But, there’s also a set of rules and regulations to ensure employee health safety and prevent them from getting infected because of visiting the office. Large enterprises and some of the midsize enterprises are enabling work from home facility for their employees and communicating well with the video calling, etc. smaller enterprises however, could not afford to render remote working to their employees for the less secure platforms.

So, how can leaders ensure good health for both the Employees and their businesses as well?

Environment health & Safety (EHS) Processes for Secure Environment at Workplace

In order to reopen the businesses and workplaces again, the leaders need to ensure some EHS processes to ensure a secure environment for both the employees and the environment. This is an advisory by the government that needs to be followed strictly. Failing to ensure the same, there could be a risk on the business license as well.

Thus, to ensure the same, below are some of the possible precautionary measures that you can implement:

  1. Building health check stations at the entry and exit points of the premises.
  2. Incorporating well maintained sanitization facilities
  3. Regularly disinfecting the touch points
  4. Monitoring employees’ health regularly
  5. Providing them the flexible working hours and access to information remotely

Monitoring Occupational Health with ERP Platform

Market analysts claim that the impact of COVID-19 pandemic is going to be felt beyond 6 months, and the worst of the infection spread is yet to come. In view of the same, some prospering leaders have already switched their attention towards the digital tools to make the business operations streamlined and manageable.

The switch to intelligent technology like AI, BI and ERP software will make the businesses more agile to adopt EHS policy while ensuring the hassle free management and workplace for the employees. 

Here are the few imperatives for effective EHS management using intelligent and robust Cloud based ERP software like SAP Business One:

  1. Accurate, real-time data reporting feature to help leaders make mission-critical decisions faster
  2. Streamlining the entire workflow to help employees focus on profit-oriented tasks and not the regular mundane tasks
  3. Rendering employees the power to work from home on any device while keeping sensitive information secure always
  4. Empowering leaders to monitor all business related activities and performance of the employees from any location, at any time
  5. Automatically maintaining the list of customers and vendors and suppliers to open new business opportunities.


The situation is difficult for all of us, but, only if we can take preventative measures and make our workplace advance enough to be able to fight the impact of infection, we can evolve as winners in the fight with this deadly virus. So, while you think of the ways to protect your employees, think of SAP Business One as well for a safer business. Talk to reliable ERP software companies today and start your journey towards making a safer workplace for your employees.


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