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Email is the best tool among all the other marketing tactics when it comes to conversion. An email marketing campaign is a method of sending an email to a particular group of people or customers who will be prompted to take action and thus profiting the company in some or other way.

With the billions of emails sent every day, it is the handiest method of sending information to the customers about your brand offers and new launches. According to the type of your brand, strategize and calculate the target customer and start reaching them out by following the below-mentioned email campaigns.

Here are email campaigns to boost up the sales and clicks rate

Welcome Email Series

After making a new friend or getting to know a new colleague, we formally introduce ourselves and give a small intro. Think of this as the same situation. After gaining a new subscriber or follower, send them a series of mails in small gaps, and educate them about your company.

Even though this particular campaign is not really chosen these days by most of the companies, it is still very effective. Even though most of the subscribers end up unsubscribing after getting a few consecutive emails, at least two out of five will still be open to hearing from you. And you should definitely use that opportunity for your boon.

Keep the following points in mind while framing a welcome email:

  • Invite them to the social media pages of your company
  • Introduce them to the different products of your brand
  • Offer them the option to choose the type of emails they are willing to get from you
  • Showcase your products, events, and profits
  • Surprise them with free trials and small gifts from time to time
  • Thank them for believing in your brand
  • Lastly, fill them with awe with your service and choice of words

Need help Campaign

For this one, you need to make sure you know a bit of the background of your customer. You need to find out about their qualifications and interest, their problems and what they are looking for.

And in this case, your target customer might be small, though he/she has a high chance of getting the maximum response. As you send the emails only to a group of people who are stuck with something, they will open and click the link the moment they end up to see something relatable with their doubt.

The Newsletter

Also known as a digest, the newsletter is a type of communication that will let you stay in touch with your customers in a systematic way. If you are willing to design your newsletters properly, do not attach too much spam sales, but rather educate them about your product and brand. Keep them updated with the new launch and updates and do not forget to entertain them too.

Email Campaigns_1


Try to invest some time and design your email newsletter that will help you build brand loyalty. Besides that, frame the content in a way so that it becomes share-worthy and thus leading to a surge in your views and audience.

Goodwill Campaign

This particular type of campaign is meant to engage your customer and offer them valuable content. One must not speak about any new product or sale. Rather, whatever you offer here should add value to the customer’s mind and also have to be offered either as a free gift or as a small token of surprise.

This type of email mainly has to be sent in three parts. The subject of the first email is bound to engage the view of the audience. However, it is not supposed to reveal the topic of the content. It must be short and precise but also should make the audience feel curious about the content. It is more of a blind email with an added spark of interest and surprise.

The second email is written in a direct format where you will reveal the topic completely but also will offer a bit of a teaser of the last email. Even though it will reveal the major portion, make sure to present it in a way which will make the last email to be the most thrilling one.

Finally, the last email is to be written in a direct format too along with a straightforward subject and teaser of the free gift/video/report, etc. This is the most effective way to boost your email engagement and that is what makes it the perfect campaign. Change the content from time to time and test with all types at the starting. After seeing the engagement rate, stick to the one getting the maximum responses.

Email Campaigns_2


Summing up

There are a number of other campaigns that might end up being more beneficial for you according to your brand type. So, if the following ones do not suit your product completely even though all of them are the most effective campaign types, just make it a point to search for the one properly. Test them and then finalize your decision based on the responses you get.

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