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Owners of small businesses have multiple daily responsibilities and those are just the expected tasks. On any given day, they may find themselves reconciling accounts payable and receivable, running invoices, replenishing inventory, and answering customer questions. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to handle everything themselves but cannot afford to hire additional employees. Business software is an alternative way to streamline operations without incurring overhead.

Any business that deals directly with customers has some type of transaction to record, be it memberships or product sales. Fitness center owners often find membership tracking a particularly cumbersome task. Each month, new memberships are added and others expire. Managing these transactions without letting anything fall through the cracks can be difficult. Software programs that feature membership tracking components enable employees to quickly verify membership status and assist with renewal billing.

Class enrollments are the bread and butter for martial arts centers, dance studios, and private schools. At all times, owners and managers must know how many students are registered for each class. This helps them determine whether additional sessions are required or if class cancellation is necessary due to low enrollment. Computer programs enable workers to register students, run registration history and current enrollment reports, view waiting lists, and print class attendance sheets. Private school teachers can use this software to create transcripts reflecting customized grading systems.

Animal day care and boarding facilities have become very popular with pet owners. Services typically extend beyond housing the pets to grooming, training, spa treatments, and even pet parties. To keep operations organized and prevent pets from becoming misplaced, entrepreneurs rely on computer programs that store pet photos, scan bar codes on pet identification tags, track registration information, and provide reports regarding all pets currently in the facility.

Spas catering to humans also benefit from automation of operational tasks. Software allows employees to quickly identify their assigned stations and print lists of scheduled appointments. Cross-selling and upselling spa packages become easier when staff can see which packages repeat customers have purchased in the past. Products sold in a spa store can be tagged with bar code labels so inventory can be tracked. Computer alerts inform owners when a product is running low so a reorder can be placed before shelves go bare.

Programs are available for different types of businesses, with features customized to the unique aspects of the operation. This prevents business owners from spending extra time and money to customize generic software for their needs. Many packages can be used as soon as they are installed on the facility computer, no alterations necessary. Some are compatible with peripherals such as label makers and bar code scanners.

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