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We all have that one fancy look! As they say your looks describe you a lot. But our appearance can only be good with a fair good haircut, or a decent fancy lace front wig. It is not all wigs or styles that may work right for you, that is why we need to look at how to look natural on a lace front wig. Are you bothered by your natural hair line?

Here is the right idea, put on a lace front wig. It is one of the easiest and cost saving ways to getting a new enhanced natural hairline. How do you apply the lace front wig? Below are a few simple steps toward achieving a half wigs.

Perform a skin test

Some skins are so sensitive and allergic, therefore before you wear your lace front wig do a skin test on your skin to ensure you are not allergic to sticking glue or wig tape. How do you carry out the test?  Applying some glue or sticking tape at the back of your arm. Wait for at least 24hr to see if any reaction will occur to the patch applied. In case you get some irritations buy a hypoallergenic wig tape. If no irritation, proceed to the next step of hair flattening.

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Once you are done flattening, wear the wig and position it according to the lining of your hairline. Cover the natural hair fully under the cap. Wipe your skin thoroughly and finally use some cleansing alcohol solution to remove extra skin oils.

When done with that step you need now to put on your wig On the assumption that you have completed all the above steps, now we move on to the critical part of putting on the wig. The first thing that you will have to do is to test and see if the wigs fit on your head properly. If it is loose, use the straps to tighten it and if it’s too tight, you can loosen the straps. While it is in the fitting position, use sharp pinking shears to trim the lace along the hairline after which you will remove the wig and carefully place it on a clean surface. On removal, make sure you can clearly determine which part goes to the hairline and which part goes to the neck. This is useful as it will make the returning process easy. Now cut the tape and use it to line your hairline that is if you are using the tape but if you are using a liquid adhesive, apply it carefully along your hairline and wait for a few minutes, depending on the type of adhesive, before putting on the lace front wigs

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When all is set, put the wig on your head carefully while taking note of the sides. Adjust the hairline well and ensure that it hangs at the back naturally after which you will gently press the wig onto the tape or adhesive.