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Surfing the internet has become a powerhouse and an everyday activity for many of us now looking to browse online, educate ourselves or even do a bit of e-commerce. Due to this, many of us consumers have been searching for the best browser for them, so we thought that we’d do a bit of research and find the best internet browser specific for your needs. 

All the browsers below have been able to take advantage of a rapid rise in technology during recent times to be able to produce some of the best internet browsers online. Internet browsers applications aren’t the only beneficiary of this as online casinos such as at Max Casinos have also seen a surge in numbers due to this because they are now able to offer some of the best quality casinos online due to the improvements in technology in recent times. 

Of course, the market leader and clearly the world’s favourite browser by a long way is that of Google Chrome. Google is quite easily the most downloaded and used browser on all platforms and its mainly down to its speedy performance, can be used at an expandable rate and works on multiple platforms including between your iPhone and MacBook. The only issue with Chrome, and an issue that many of us don’t know about the browser is that is uses an incredible amount of memory compared to other browsers and therefore can be resource hungry. Although this isn’t much of an issue for new computer users, those with older devices might struggle. 

Next browser that comes second to Chrome in terms of popularity has to be that of Mozilla Firefox. Although it comes second in terms of popularity, we’d maybe say that this is the best browser for all-rounders and would be the one we recommend to anyone looking for the best browser. It’s an incredibly safe and will send you alerts when you are in danger of any data breaches, block all allows notifications and blocks any “fingerprinting” tracking through the use of its browser. Not only that, but it also has cross-platform sync like Chrome, but many users will notice that it is a bit slower compared to rivals. 

And finally, the new kid on the block is Microsoft Edge who have upped their game after internet Explorer was eventually discontinued due to its poor performance. Microsoft have returned with a very, very fast browser that beats all competitors on speed tests and it’s clear that Microsoft have put this at the forefront of their design scheme. One of our favourite features about Edge is that you can actually save your favourite websites like YouTube for example as an app – a lovely feature. 


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