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Do you end up with angular JS pages on your newly built website? Are you getting tensed about how to do SEO for your angular JS pages? Read Angular JS SEO | detail facts to find your answer.

Angular JS is one of the web codes by Google that shows all the contents of a website on a single page. Here in this article, we gather all facts about angular JS SEO for your better understanding.

What is Angular JS SEO?

Google offers three platforms, and AngularJS is one of them that is powered by a JavaScript-based platform. It allows you to load content from a single page rather than separate pages. Do you find it critical to understand? Look at the following for a more straightforward definition.

We know all the websites are built with codes. Google offers three main languages or codes for defining your website contents. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS) personalize your website’s interactive experience.

JS code is easy to apply that you can re-use also. That makes it more demanding for modern website builders.

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Use of Angular JS:

JS functionality can turn your site from boring to exciting. However, it provides many chances to display image carousels. It also shows the zoom option for product visuals, interactive banners, or other elements.

If you are using the AngularJS apps for your website, then your users can load all its content on a single page. That doesn’t change its template; instead only reloads the copy according to its visitor’s request.

Benefits of using AngularJS:

A website built with the Angular JS framework enjoys three main benefits.

  • Content loads much faster:

If your website built-in with the JS framework, then your website is a single page application. Your website traffic don’t need to load a new HTML code for every time search. However, it results in a faster content loading user experience.

  • AngularJS speeds up the development process:

Every web developer builts individual pages for CSS and HTML platforms. The angular JS app needs only one page by controlling the rest with JavaScript. That’s why web developers make fewer mistakes. However, users also face fewer problems while browsing your website.

  • Technical teams need less time:
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For an angular JS built website, the technical teams don’t have to spend much time. All the contents show in a specific JS framework; that’s why technical teams need less time to fix mistakes.

Optimizing Issue of Angular JS SEO:

Every angular JS code users face issues while optimizing AngularJS for SEO. Angular apps show a page with all information that is essential for crawling and indexing by Google algorithms.

Here comes the question that Can SEOs do anything about angular JS pages? Do SEOs leave AngularJS pages unoptimized on your site? The answer is, you can optimize those pages too by mastering some technical SEO knowledge.

How can you optimize angularJS built pages for Google crawling?

You can apply the following ways to make your site visible for crawling cleanly by Google algorithms.

  • Change the URL by using Google CodeLab and #PushState:
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Google’s CodeLab ensures that web developers walk through the essential SEO aspects which need to render on a page. You can utilize the #PushState and API history to change the URL. By adding the keyword on-page through Dom, you can make sure that all internal links are code-based.

  • Server-side rendering with Angular Universal:

Optimize your website by using the Angular Universal extension. That will enable you to build static pages versions to ensure they will be rendered server-side. However, it will make your website pages easily indexable by Google algorithms.

  • Dynamic rendering:

Create a flat HTML code for your web pages by using dynamic rendering. That will enable you to submit your webpages HTML versions to Google for indexing.


I hope now you gathered the detailed facts about the Angular JS application from the Angular JS SEO| detail facts. Now optimize your Angular JS webpages by following the instructions mentioned above.