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Huawei is now the world’s biggest smartphone company in the second quarter. This is happening for the first time, even facing many obstacles. Especially despite having strict restrictions from the U.S. the company able to achieve the global top position in the smartphone market, leaked by Canalys. 

Huawei Company – One Of The Top Smartphone Vendor

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, most of the companies failed to ship their device and faced a huge loss. However, Huawei could transform more smartphones in Q2 2020. The amount of shipped smartphones is more than any other manufacturer for the first time estimated by the global market research team. 

Huawei could take place in the first position after nine years of overtaking Samsung and Apple, always being the top positions. This is a record-breaking occurrence. It is estimated that Huawei shipped 55.8 million smartphone devices that are down 5% from the earlier year. On the other hand, facing down about 30 percent, Samsung shipped 53.7 million smartphones. Just a year earlier, Samsung was shipped more than Huawei.

From the beginning, Huawei has a strong spot in China, so continuing the resilience, its shipping took high about 8 percent in Q2. actually, over 70 percent of sales have transpired in mainland China. That’s why Huawei able to achieve success without having the license of the Google Android association. 

Canalys claimed that Huawei could not make this achievement if the pandemic didn’t appear. It made the most of profit from China where there is a little presence of Samsung. In the Chinese economy, Samsung has only 1 percent of the market share and endured restrictions from the US, Europe, India, and Brazil. 

In China, the Google service is effectively blocked like Gmail and search engine. But this is no big deal for the Chinese are not using these Google products from the very beginning. When it comes to the International market without Google, you will be a big blow. 

Knowing this fact, Huawei forced the release of HarmonyOS last year which is its own operating system. But the experts always have doubts that it could not meet the success in the international market when is nowhere to be found the key apps from the app store. 

But there was none who are able to take this chance. Of course, we are talking about Huawei’s rivals. For example, if we look at Xiaomi, another trending company in China; they still use the Android operating system on their devices so that they can make a powerful position worldwide. It is true that Xiaomi has seen 6 percent market share growth in the second quarter of 2019 as similar happen this year in the same period reported by  Counterpoint Research. 

When Huawei was in the top position, the Chinese telecommunication got other pressure from Washington the last year. In May 2020, a new rule was integrated that if the foreign manufacturers want to do business in their country they need to use the US chip making equipment. Otherwise, they won’t get the license of selling just like Huawei. This new rule can greatly affect Taiwan’s TSMC as well as Huawei’s ability because they produced their own chipset.

However, grabbing the top position was very important for Huawei because this way it could show the brand’s strength to component suppliers, domestic consumers, and developers. As a result, many are convinced to invest in their brand and get a wide result in the coming months. 

Further, it is going to be tough holding the lead position for a long time since its major channel partner Europe received only a few models and brought new brands to weaken the strength of Huawei. Alone the strength of China is not enough for going forward and being in the top position. When the global economy will recover, Huawei may lose its place. 

By the way, Huawei said in the event that their business could illustrate exceptional stability during this difficult period. This is really very challenging to continue this growth due to the global economic slowdown. But they are working further to keep up the leadership by producing quality products for the consumers. They are also developing their processor and technical specs to enhance the experience. 

Chinese Giant Huawei brand witnessed a fall in the smartphone market in Bangladesh because of lacking the Google-owned applications. The brand used to provide two services; one is Huawei Technology for improving telecommunications network, and the other is Huawei devices for selling smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. 

Since the Huawei devices don’t have Google services, the brand faced a negative impact on sales. So the core manager of the Huawei Devices office confirmed that the brand is closed for this operation. They hand over the responsibility to the national distributor of the country. 

Huawei is still a leading brand in the smartphone market without Google services. One of the main reasons is the high-quality hardware and interface. Though the brand has always launched their products targeting the low to the mid-budget range, they have got a tremendous response for the quality. 

Huawei has launched its flagship phones with 5G network-enabled, and for this reason, many consumers are attracted by their smartphones. The flagship smartphone prices in Bangladesh are remarkable, and people are engaging with their phones for the premium experience. 


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Samsung and Apple always are in the first position, and it is an outstanding achievement to overtake them. Though there is a chance that they can fall their position, they will be the largest brand in the world. Huawei devices have the best alternative to Google services. That’s why those who use Huawei don’t want to need the Google Play Store. 

Huawei is continuously developing and updating its Operating System and hardware so that the users never feel a lack of the best experience. Finally, they are able to prove that they are also producing powerful devices.