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Due to us now being deep into the digital age, many of us now have our favourites in terms of web browser for our everyday tasks including internet surfing, e-mails, entertainment and social media. Although, there isn’t one browser that is defined to be better than the other as they all have advantages and disadvantages and so below, we thought we would investigate this further to see which would suit your preferences.

All of the below browsers have been able to benefit from the rapid rise of technology in recent times and have taken advantage of these advances by being able to offering quality web browsers.  Other industries like online casinos, like this list here, have also taken advantage of this way of quality improvements by now being able to offer the best online gambling experience for their punters, alongside the promise that their gambling fun won’t be limited by gamstop.

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Possibly the most popular in terms of web browsers has got to be industry leader Google Chrome which is the favourite for the majority of the market. Chrome does have a lot to offer for us internet surfers, its fast-loading times and simplistic design prove to us why it is one of the more popular browsers on the internet. The only downside to Chrome is that due to it being a powerful browser, it needs a lot of the internal processor to be able to run it and therefore multitasking on your computer might be slowed down by Google Chrome.

Safari is the default browser for all Apple and Mac devices and is pre-loaded onto these machines. Safari, like Chrome, has taken the simplistic and reliable root for the internet browser and has therefore been able to grow up a strong clientele of Mac users that seem dedicated to the service as they are with Apple products. The only issue with Safari as, like it’s Apple products, is that it lacks in customization that it offers on its browser compared to other competitors like Chrome and Firefox.

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One of the more niche browsers but one that is certainly growing in popularity over time is Mozilla Firefox that burst into the market back in 2004. Firefox is another browser that need a lot of power for it to run at optimized speeds but is further customizable compare to other browsers like Chrome which is its main selling point. Firefox is still growing in popularity over the market, but many have experience issues when it comes to contacting their customer support to get help with any of their browsing needs.