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A cracked screen is a common problem that faces almost everyone. Sometimes smartphones fall or slip from hand and cause serious damage to the screen. It is very uncomfortable to watch a cracked, chipped, and smashed screen.

You will find several DIY remedies online, but some of them can be a nightmare and destroy the screen forever. So you need to follow the right method for doing the perfect phone repair. In this article you will know some effective DIY remedies. Using these, you will be successful to repair the screen. You need some repair kit for this purpose.

Using toothpaste

If your phone has a minor scratch, you can use toothpaste to hide it. Toothpaste can hide, but it doesn’t totally prevent the scratch. It gives the screen a nice breath, and you hardly notice the scratches while viewing. For this process, take toothpaste in a little portion on a cotton bud, then rub the bud on the scratches. Don’t apply near the headphone jack, or buttons.

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Rubbing vegetable oil

You are right. We are talking about the vegetable oil that you used for cooking. This oil is also used for hiding scratch. Rub the oil on the scratches, and it will hide them for some time. But you need to reapply the oil again because it wipes out while touching it continuously.

Baking soda

Baking soda has been massively used to repair phone scratches. Actually, it does not eliminate but covers up nicely the blemishes. Prepare a thick paste of baking soda. Now take a soft cloth and apply the paste to the scratches using the clothing. This way can solve the scratch problem for some time.

Wrap with tape

If you are not eligible to upgrade the cracked phone, you can use packing tape. The packing tape works like a screen protector. Put all together, line them and trim with an X-Acto knife. It really looks like a true screen protector.

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Replace the screen by yourself

You can make the screen replacement on your own. But it needs proper guidance and observation. Before going to these repairs make sure if you have all the kits and a quality screen. You should also consider the cost-effectiveness. Because the screen with touch sensor isn’t cheap at all. For this procedure, you also need some repair tools.

Before going, make sure you back up the phone history like phone numbers, files, photos, and videos. Because somehow there is a chance of dying. Because you are not a professional, but if you go through exact steps, you can make it.

Consult with pro

If your phone screen has got serious scratches, you need to replace it for a better view. You can get adequate tutorials step by step on several websites. But many of you don’t have or know the appropriate use of tools.

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As a result, the phone can be stopped working, and you can lose the phone. If you don’t have the courage to repair the phone yourself, it will be better to consult a pro-level repairer. You don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the cracked screen.

Final verdict

The smartphone screen stores elastic energy. While the phone drops, it causes scratches. A smartphone can overcome minor falls, but the crucial drop may damage completely. Many well-known brands like Apple or Samsung are continuously working to make the screen stronger so that it can survive serious falls.

You can make the phone repair by yourself if it gets minor scratches. Otherwise, it will be a worthy decision to call in a pro.