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A gaming keyboard is an indispensable item if you are a gamer. However, there are many gaming keyboard terms and features that can confuse beginners, especially when choosing the right product. For that, we will explain how to choose the best gaming keyboard. Choose the appropriate gaming keyboard and improve your gaming skills with the right gaming keyboard! Find out more on Gaming Profy.

First of all, we will explain how to choose a gaming keyboard based on the axis, key types, and functions on the keyboard. Read it thoroughly so that you can choose the gaming keyboard that suits you.

A mechanical keyboard that has four-axis color choices

The axis is a mechanical switch that works with a spring force on a mechanical gaming keyboard. Axis on a mechanical keyboard has four main colors, namely red, blue, brown, and black. The axis gets heavier when pressed in the following color order: red, brown, black, and blue. The mechanical keyboard is the most popular type of keyboard on the market. Feel the resilience of each key and hear it sound as you type. Choose a keyboard that fits your playing style.

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Affordable membrane keyboard perfect for novice users

We recommend this type of membrane for those of you who usually use the keyboard to type jobs on the computer. The membrane type is a key type commonly used on a normal computer keyboard. For those of you who want a familiar feel when playing games, we recommend using a keyboard with this type of button. Although tactile is felt to be uncomfortable, the price tends to be affordable. This type of membrane can be the first choice if you want to try a gaming keyboard.

The pantograph keyboard is quiet, thin, and easy to store

For those of you who play games at night, use a pantograph type keyboard. You don’t need to worry about disturbing your family or neighbors’ breaks because the sound tends to be quiet. The keys on a pantograph type keyboard do not sink too deeply when pressed so that the resulting sound is not too loud. The pantograph type keyboard is also easy to store because of its thin size. In addition, what is interesting about this keyboard is its good durability.

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A capacitive keyboard that can be customized as needed

If you want to customize and arrange the keyboard keys according to your preferences, go for a capacitive keyboard. The capacitive keyboard has sensitive keys. With just light pressure, the keyboard responds to your commands. You will not get tired quickly when typing using this type of keyboard. In addition, you can adjust the feel and strength when pressing the keyboard to make it easier and more comfortable to use. Capacitive keyboards have a price that tends to be more expensive than other types of keyboards. However, isn’t this price worth the freedom you get typing?

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Connectivity on the keyboard is very important because it affects how fast the response can be sent from the keyboard to the PC. Below, we will explain the various types of keyboard connectivity and transmission capacity. Choose the connectivity that matches your game and device!