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If you want to hire a digital marketing agency in Thailand, then brace yourself for a long search. There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies out there; thanks to a spike in online marketing in Thailand,  and finding the right one for your business can be quite a challenge. But do not worry as here we would give you some practical knowledge about how to find the best digital marketing and social media agency service for your business.

Know your goals:

To begin with, you should know why you need the services of a digital agency in the first place? Whether you want SEO, paid ad services, organic growth of your social media handles, email marketing, etc. Your goal would help you hunt for the best digital marketing agency in Thailand. You can narrow down your search to those who are reputed in the area you want to focus more on. This will simplify your search and help you choose the best digital marketing agency.

Previous experience:

Before hiring a marketing agency, you must get to know their previous work assignments. Ask for the case studies, portfolio of work that they have previously done. It will give an idea of how they do things and their expertise. Asking for references won’t be out of place either. A top digital agency will have tons of experience.

Assess their knowledge:

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving discipline. A good digital marketing agency keeps itself abreast of all the latest trends, methods, and techniques in this field. Ask them important questions regarding the current happenings in the field of digital marketing. Use the buzzwords in digital marketing and see if they are aware of them. Also, ask them how they will go about their work. If it is in line with the current practices or not? All these would help you get to know them better which takes us to our next important tip.

Get to know your digital marketing agency:

Nowadays it is very easy to get to know about any business. Just visit their social media handles and you will know a lot many things about them. You can see the level of engagement on their posts, their understanding of their craft, and client’s comments and reviews. Clients’ testimonies are a valuable source of knowledge about any company. They would normally give honest feedback which can be beneficial to you and others. 

Reporting criteria:

This is another important aspect to look into before you commit to a digital marketing agency in Thailand. A good marketing agency is data-driven. They speak in no uncertain terms and their results are both measurable and quantifiable. You should ask your digital marketing agency how they will tabulate the results and present them to you. What will be the metrics of their reporting and how they will ensure the transparency of data as well? 


These are some of the tips that you can employ to hire the best digital marketing agency service in Thailand. We hope it will help you. Remember to ask as many relevant questions as you like and ask them to present concrete answers. 

In the end, we like to recommend Ibex Media Group, a digital marketing agency in Thailand, for all your digital marketing needs. It is also a highly-rated e-commerce agency in Thailand. The company is fully conversant of all the digital marketing practices and has the best human resource to carry out the job. You can visit their website and learn more about their services and previous work. The influencer market is also heating up in the country, Ibex Media Group is also the top influencer marketing agency in Thailand for this job.

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