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Before we start what the SERP tool does for your Blog, we shall begin by learning some basics. SERP is short for Search Engine Results Page. It is an evaluation measure to determine the top websites that rank for a particular keyword/ subject. Multiple SEO professionals as well as marketing experts utilize this knowledge to determine the level of any complexity for a Google search.

But for aiming at ranking challenges, SERP knowledge will also reveal how a rival could have reached the Google ranking. It will offer your advertising or SEO team useful insight, helping you propel your company to the top rankings.

Although, if you input your Google search, you might be astonished to find that your Blog is not on the first page of google search results. 

Ways to use the SERP TOOLS for your Blog to top the Search page ranks

Know Your Rank

There are numerous blogs out there, and if you don’t know where you stand among millions and millions of blogs, then you’re unlikely to improve your traffic and, subsequently, your market.

As far as rating matters are concerned, it also helps to understand where you rank in the statistics of another industry. Are you the dominant power, or is there anyone else out there who’s doing things faster, quicker, and more productively? If you realize where the target sits, you should start shooting for it.

Each initiative aims to usurp the best-selling campaign leader and be a new control. Need more insight into it? Tools such as WhatsMySERP can help you greatly in monitoring the page rankings.

Knowing the nature of competition

Why is it essential to keep records of the SERP? Yeah, the Internet is a worldwide market. It’s a spot where everyone out there is still trying to get the next best thing. Setting aside competitiveness is a symbol of a healthy company.

You’re expected to do that because you’re supposed to expect it from the competition if you’re at the top. Resting on your laurels is going to put you mostly on a fast track of slipping behind.

Staying ahead of your competition game helps you continuously discover new and innovative reasons to maintain your traffic engaged in whatever you have to sell.

Learn your targets

Often websites are so wrapped up in the SERP rating that they lose track of where their priorities are. Becoming the strongest is pointless if it’s in an environment in you’re not actively involved.

The best way to be competitive as a website and as a company is to realize how much involved you’re in the game to begin. Don’t neglect your attempts to get it to the top. The SERP is a great weapon, but it can’t always rescue you from wrong wishes.

Experiment with Your Title

Most people try to develop memorable names, and exciting buzz phrases that they hope can impress their guests and get people clicking on their website. The reality is that website advertising is not about imagination; it’s about content.

For example, to increase the search engine ranking, change the website’s headline to a simple search word. If your Blog is about any specific brand new style of apparels called “XYZ,” don’t add “XYZ” in your description. 

Because, since it’s a modern world, and people usually don’t look for it. Once you become as popular as “Nike” or “Adidas,” you can call your blog “XYZ.”

Switch Your Description 

The Search Engines algorithm will always check your main title first, and then it will switch to your description. You can also have some more common search words in your definition.

Be wise and add as many key terms as you can in this bit. For instance, you have a brand name ‘Aster.’ Rather than opting for the usual one, take it up a notch!

Make it more descriptive. You could put it as: ‘Aster: Your Destination For Buying Best Women Apparel, Female Apparel, and Kids Apparel.’

This way, in a single line, you are using almost all the key phrases that users can search for.

Create a video

A video is a perfect way to boost search engine rankings. When it is about SEO tools, it has become amongst the most pleasant and powerful tools. You could name your video the same way you will have your sales page.

You can opt for adding a link to your video summary that leads directly to your Blog page. So, after this point in time, when users are searching for “XYZ blog,” there are two pages that might pop up, and they’re both going to connect to your Blog.

If anyone clicks on the video, they’re going to click that link and end up at your Blog. You’ve just made your domain visibility twice the previous one and potentially enhanced your revenue too. Congratulations!


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As Search engine continually tries to push out innovative features in search results, keyword research alone is not enough—you ought to extract data from the real SERPs.

The SERP analysis must be a vital component of every type of content you produce. You have to understand what people anticipate when using search words and whether the content you generate is efficient than what is already in place.