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Smartphones have played a significant role in making our life easy.If we consider the smartphones’ functionality, it is hard to believe that high-performing smartphones have attained their highest possible means, and there is no room for improvement. 

It is continuously getting upgraded to embrace the latest technologies and tools. The model of Samsung mobile like Samsung A51 and Samsung Galaxy m31 come with some significant advancements. These phones are not only way ahead of their competitors but are also available at an affordable price. 

With these two models, it is clear that we are on the verge of getting upgraded releases that will amaze us with another set of compelling offerings. While waiting for all those advanced smartphones, here, let’s check out a few desirable features or functionality that might either be in the developmental stage or a step-ahead to fulfill the gap between vision and realities. 

Advanced battery life

One of the most vital possibilities the future smartphones come with is the great battery life that lasts for days without intermittent charging. A great example of such battery life on an affordable range is Samsung Galaxy M31. The phone comes equipped with a 6000mAh battery that refuses to drain out even after non-stop video streaming and gaming hours. Better battery life will further improve the longevity of smartphones.

Wireless charging

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With the iPhone model supporting wireless charging, that day is not far when the smartphones won’t require any physical charging port. Though this option has been around for quite a while now, more and more smartphone manufacturers are embracing this option in the last few years. Now ubiquitous Qi wireless option can be found in every high-priced smartphone. 

It is also notable that a number of smartphone manufacturers are introducing reverse wireless charging options. This enables smartphone users to charge other devices from their smartphones. 

Height and speech interpretation and recognition capabilities

With the rise in personal assistants like Google Assistant, Siri searching information has become simpler than ever. The smartphone’s future comes with a promise of further research and advancements in the smartphone’s ability to support customized language voice recognition and a natural language user interface that allows the user to execute various voice-based actions, including locating directions and asking questions. 

Impressive AI capability

One of the biggest advancements one can expect to see in the future is the AI revolution. Nowadays, manufacturers are coming up with devices having AI sensors. It manages to capture some excellent shots. However, as technology AI still needs to be used to its full potential. Artificial Intelligence will shatter all our perceived notions of what it can do when integrated into smartphones. For sure, AI-powered smartphones will take the smartphone industry to the next level. A little of this can be seen in some of the Samsung smartphones, which have AI-powered features that show what the future of smartphones might look like. 

Intuitive than ever

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Future smartphones are expected to be more intuitive, meaning they will remind us of everything. The futuristic phones are updated to include friendly reminders and helpful warnings in the form of your virtual assistant. The assistant will always think in your best interest and strives to learn various usage patterns. They aim to offer you the most appropriate suggestions explicitly customized to meet your requirements. One of the affordable smartphones with a personal assistant is Samsung A51. The smartphone has Bixby, who guides and helpsto perform various functions. 


Although these advancements are expected to be the future release, you can still find some of them in the previously introduced smartphones. iPhone, for example, comes with wireless charging, and Samsung A51 has a personal virtual assistant. With the pace that the smartphone manufacturers are moving, they will not stop at this only. The future of smartphones looks bright. They will come up with new and advanced features to help the customers lead an easy life. Artificial Intelligence is just the beginning of a new era. This change will give the smartphone industry a new dimension altogether. 

However, before buying a smartphone, you should check the specifications first. Compare them and choose the right one. 

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