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It’s understandable if you feel nervous when making a presentation. It’s even worse if you’re doing a business pitch. Your goal is to convince the other party to believe in what you have to offer. Asking for funds to make your business idea happen takes time. If you feel nervous about it, these tips can help.

Think positive

You feel anxious because you allowed your mind to get overwhelmed by negative emotions. Believe in yourself and hope for the best results. Your mindset can affect your presentation. If you feel positive about it, you can present smoothly. Otherwise, you will forget what to say. Imagine yourself getting that coveted investment. It allows you to keep pushing even if you’re already shaking.

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Believe that the other party has your best interest in mind 

In pitching business ideas, you have to prove your worth. Sometimes, the investors will ask tough questions to test how great your plans are. Remember that the goal isn’t to make you feel bad. Testing your business plan will make them realize if it’s worth it. You can’t blame them for being thorough about it. When the ideas succeed, both of you will benefit. You would rather have someone test the ideas now while you still have a chance to improve. Again, it’s always in your best interest.

Visit the presentation venue 

Another way to calm your nerves is by visiting the presentation venue. Try to familiarize yourself with the place so that it doesn’t rattle you anymore. Pretend that the room already has the investors who will listen to your presentation. Getting used to this environment will make it easier to present. While you’re there, don’t forget to check if the sound system is working. You don’t want to deal with technical issues while presenting. You should also check the ceiling projector if it’s working correctly. Run your slides on the computer and see if they’re clear enough when projected on the screen. If there is a technical issue, you still have enough time to deal with them.

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Prepare yourself

Nothing beats preparation. You feel anxious because you don’t think you prepared well. While you still have sufficient time, you have to practice. Create a script or outline to guide you during the presentation. Keep practising the essential parts and don’t forget to highlight them. You should also practice for the question and answer session. Try to do it with a colleague. Request the hardest possible questions to critic your ideas. Preparing for all possibilities will make it easier to answer them during the business pitch.

Your presentation will never be perfect. You also can’t expect your nerves to go away. However, there are ways to prepare for what might happen. Take it easy and be optimistic. Show your best behaviour since investors are also judging you. They’re not only looking at your ideas but the person they will eventually work with. Convince them that working with you is the right choice.

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