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India is home to many premier educational institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management. The majority of the students in India have a dream of studying at an IIM in their lifetime. Every year, the Indian Institute of Management accepts thousands of students to educate in management studies through various entrance exams.

IPMAT entrance exam is one of the most prominent exams. One of the prominent parameters that parents compare higher education institutions on is any institution’s fee structure. In India, where most people belong to the upper-middle class and middle-class section, the course’s affordability matters a lot.

Indian Institute of Management is a government-run institution with the goal of making quality education accessible to all. IIM is an institution where future business leaders flourish. The government-run chain of institutions spans over different states of India and shelters students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

One popular IIM in India is IIM Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where students can take different management degree programs depending on their choices. One of the most chosen programs offered by IIM Indore is the IPM or the Integrated Programme in Management. IPM is a five-year course that is an amalgamation of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. However, it is a high commitment course for students who are sure of their long-term career goals. There is a misconception that IPMAT is an expensive program to enrol in. The truth is that the IPM is a cost-effective certificate program that gives high returns to the student. Join best IPM Online Coaching by Supergrads.

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Let us discuss the details of the IPM course below, including its fee structure.

The Integrated Programme in Management 

The novel appeal of IPM is that it offers direct admission into IIM to young students at the 10 +2 level. If there is a clear path ahead of you and you want to emerge as an MBA graduate in the next five years, the IPM is your ladder to success.

While conventional MBA degrees require an undergraduate degree under their eligibility criteria, an IPM does not need it. The IPM offers an MBA degree in the reduced timeframe of five years.  At other colleges, students take six years to become a MBA graduate.

The IPM is an undergraduate and postgraduate program in management rolled into one. For the first three years of their studies, IPM students focus on their undergraduate studies. The last two years of the IPM focus on postgraduate studies. By the end of the program, students leave the IIM Indore campus as promising business leaders of the country.

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An MBA is an expensive high investment course for most students. In the below section, we explain the fee structure of IPM at IIM Indore for aspiring students.

Fee Structure of IPM at IIM Indore 

Before learning about how much a student has to pay in an IPM, note that the fees of IPM for Indian students are different from students of foreign origin. Generally, the first three years’ fees are a lot less for domestic students than the international students.

The domestic students need to pay a total of four lakhs per annum in session 2021-2023. However, the fees for the same three years are six lakhs per annum for international students. The last two years’ fees are at par with the postgraduate program fees in management at the institution. For the last two years, the fees of IPM are eight lakhs per annum. This fee structure is common for both domestic as well as international students.

The course fees also include accommodation on campus for the five years, access to library and internet facilities. The fees encompass all the academic and social needs of students enrolling into IPM. The students live on campus to reach out to their faculty at any time and stay in an academic environment all the time.

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End Note 

In conclusion, IPM course fees are higher than some of the private institutions, but the quality of education and exposure that students get under the course is unmatched. It is cost-effective because it provides the window to finish undergraduate and postgraduate studies in one program. The IPM is a good bet for people who want to pursue management studies single-mindedly. If you want to build your entire higher education career at an IIM, the IPM at IIM Indore is the best choice. Moreover, an IPM prepares you for a career in management right from the start.

To enrol in IPM at IIM Indore, you need to apply for the IPMAT 2021. The IPMAT is a national entrance test designed to choose qualified students for the IPM program at IIM Indore. The IPMAT is a challenging national entrance test. However, with the right preparation, a person can get into IPM at IIM Indore.