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It is absolutely indispensable for each business to have its own app, especially in the high profile Apple segment. Not surprisingly, many businesses prefer to launch an app for iOS first and then for Android. However, launching an app is one thing. It is just as important for the app to be found, paid for, and then downloaded and used. This is where App Store Optimization or ASO kicks in. There are over 2.7 million apps and new ones are added each day to the App Store, which makes it all the more imperative to engage App Store optimization services. You could do it but the process is involved and best left to the app store optimization Company. Still, for those who wish to know, here it goes.

What is ASO?

You are familiar with search engine optimization, a tool to help your website improve its visibility in searches, be found, and generate traffic. App Store optimization is similar. People search the app store for apps to download and will tap on the one that ranks high. Who has the patience to keep swiping all the time? Another way to term is to call it App Store SEO. The App Store considers several parameters while ranking apps. Conform to these and their internal algorithm and your app improve its ranking. More people will view it and since the app ranks at the top more people are likely to install and use the app.

As in SEO, you carry out “on app” optimization addressing key parameters and you engage in off-site or off app general optimization or app marketing strategies for ASO. This gets rather complicated and time-consuming so you may be better served by App Store optimization services.

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Why does it?

ASO by app store Optimization Company, if done on your own, increases visibility, leads to more conversion, and brings high-quality users to your app thereby improving chances of sales. You get organic downloads and reduce user acquisition cost and effort on other promotions. You gain trust and rankings that influence others to download your app.

There are key factors to focus on in your app and work on them one by one in order to achieve improved ASO. Your App Store Optimization Services are likely to do a better job but there is no restriction on your doing it with the help of your app developer to modify on-metadata.

Keywords and description of the app

Start by conducting keyword research, possibly using suggestions in the search bar or custom tools to find out which keywords are used more by people searching for apps and shortlist them. You will, through an online analytics tool, find out the weightage of keywords or keyword phrases. Keywords must be relevant to app features and functions from the user’s perspective.

At the time of hosting your app on Apple’s App Store, you will have to fill out a form. This is crucial and this is where you can make a difference.

  • Do not just list the app by its name; add keywords to the app name but limit the overall length to 30 characters.

  • Give a subtitle of 30 characters. Do not underestimate the importance of subtitles since it has an impact on keyword ranking. The subtitle is an effective way to summarize your product and improve the conversion rate. If you get it wrong and wish to modify it, you can only do so when you submit a new version of your app.

  • The description is equally important. Think carefully because once you submit it you cannot change it until a new version of the app is submitted. Description can be 4000 characters long so you have more space to describe your app’s features in full. However, be concise and highlight key features of your product and its USP.

  • You also enter promotional text limited to 170 characters. This appears on top of the description and can be updated at any time.

  • Fill in the keywords field, limiting it to 100 characters, use commas, not spaces to separate words and do not include the same keywords you have used along with the name

  • Include keywords in the Developer name too

  • Icons are important to improve app store optimization. Choosing the right designer is important to ensure it is simple, instantly recognizable, and scalable. Scalability is important since app stores will need icons in different sizes for display on the home screen and in the app store as well as in spotlight, settings, and notifications.

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Developer side

This done, you follow it up by tracking and monitoring the performance of keywords, visibility of your app and similar apps, and conversion rate. Do this daily or at least once a week to know the volume of organic and non-organic installs, ratings, and reviews. You can modify keywords and titles to improve performance. If users have left behind comments or reviews, respond promptly and address issues so that users react favorably. This is where keeping the developer by your side is important. You will want the developer to carry out modifications and resolve bugs reported by users. It must be kept in mind that the App Store gives weightage to ratings and the more positive ratings you receive the better it is for your app.

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A/B Testing

You could make do with just one icon and page design. However, it is advisable to carry out A/B testing using two different versions of one product page with the use of different icons to find out which one is more effective for you and liked by users. You can get your developer to do this and then finalize one that delivers better results.

Video preview

It helps app store optimization to create and offer 3 video previews in order to give potential users a better idea about your app. Previews will autoplay on the product page and in searches, enhancing conversion.

Some steps are simple but others involve more expertise on how app store optimization works for which you will find that retaining an App Store Optimization Company is well worth the cost.