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You can make a custom printed coffee mug in different varieties. Now, many online stores and offline stores are offering eco-friendly custom mugs too, which businesses can choose as giveaways for compliments to customers etc. Nobody is interested in the conventional boring mugs, so you need to find new ways to make them more interesting and welcoming. There are various options available in custom mugs like marble mug, speckled mug, neon mug, multi-handle mug, gradient mug, decorative mug, etc.

Even though there are varieties of choices in custom marks, people are now trying to be more eco-friendly when choosing anything. So, choosing reusable and durable mugs are way better for our planet than disposable cups. About 99% of the coffee cups are not reusable, which is slowly changing now, so when you are planning for custom mugs, you may try to make them as eco-friendly as possible. To ensure this, here are some tips.

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Choose dishwasher safe mugs

You may consider dishwasher safe mugs to do custom printing on them. With dishwasher-safe mugs, you can help save a lot of water and bring down the cleaning efforts too for the users. It is estimated that about 6 gallons of water are required for each dishwasher cycle, but the sink may flow out about 2 gallons of water each minute. If you have many dishes to wash, it may be much greener to load all at once and get these washed. Custom mugs can be made of dishwasher safe materials to achieve this goal.

Avoid paper

You may print the custom designs directly onto the reusable mugs instead of considering the conventional disposable paper mugs. With this, you may try to avoid any e-waste or junk creation. With environment-friendly printing, you can also make sure that the labels do not come off during washing.

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Using durable materials

You have a variety of choices in terms of getting durable materials for custom mugs. One can consider porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, stone, and copper mugs etc., as durable materials. All these can be used for printing too and make custom mugs. These can last for many years, which means your mug will not only show them your brand for years but can also stay out of any garbage for years and avoid landfill.

Your end goal is to print the logo or contact information or company’s message on to these mugs when it comes to custom mugs. Whichever material or size of the mug you choose, one requirement you should always keep in mind is to get the appropriate and durable products. Ensure that your design remains catchy and shiny along with being durable.

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You now have plenty of options to customize your mugs with funny quotes, logos, and graphics, and a cleaver marketer may further explore as many options as possible and come up with some unique ways to ensure the best possible returns from it. If you are not enough motivation about custom mug printing, it is ideal to go online and see the various innovative methods people adopt in custom mug designing.