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Commonly referred to as the most popular social media platform in the world, Instagram serves as an amazing platform to click, edit and finally share pictures with your audience. 

Moreover, embedding your Instagram feed can get you much-needed attention and increase your visitor engagement. 

Since WordPress does not give any such specific integration options, there are many Instagram widget plugins in the market using which you can seamlessly integrate your Instagram on your WordPress content and reap miraculous benefits! 

This blog is all about the 10+ best Instagram Widget plugins for your WordPress. Keep reading to know more!


The Most Result-Driven WordPress Instagram Widget Plugins

1. Social Media Aggregator

Topping the list is Tagembed, an efficient social media aggregator plugin that seamlessly collects content from Instagram and embeds it into your website. 

The plugin is highly responsive and effortlessly collects content from the platform and integrates it into your WordPress. 

Social Media Aggregator – WordPress plugin

The plugin enables you to customize the Instagram feed as per the width and height of your preferred choice. Apart from this, you can further beautify the feed by choosing a preferred layout, design, color, font, and various other branding options. 

The aggregator offers the option to moderate the content before publishing in the advanced moderation panel. You can remove any unwanted content in the profanity filter and maintain the content of utmost quality. 

The plugin understands the significance of analytics. Hence, it offers an option where you can track the performance of the Instagram widget. You can see the number of clicks, the number of users visited, and other crucial details too.


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2. WD Instagram Feed

Another plugin that is used to embed Instagram into WordPress is WD Instagram Feed. The plugin has many other features including various layouts to choose from and monitoring pictures before uploading. 


This way you can keep the quality of the Instagram widget in check and monitor everything before publishing.


3. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is another amazing social media aggregation plugin which collects content from various social media platforms including Instagram. The best feature about the plugin is its ability to add as many posts as you wish from any of the social media platforms. 

feed them social

The plugin also offers a like and follow button on the Instagram widget. Additionally, you can improve the functionality of the feed using a few extensions. The gallery created by the plugin is highly responsive.


4. WP Instagram Widget

In case you are looking for the fastest way to display the feed on your website then the WP Instagram widget is the best solution. 

wp instagram widget

This is an easy-to-use plugin and all you need to do is enter the name of the account and if your account is public, then your Widget will instantly be ready. 

The major downside of this plugin is that the plugin does not offer a lot of customization options.


5. Photonic Gallery 

Another good plugin that effectively collects feeds from various platforms is Photonic gallery. The plugin collects feed from photography websites like Picasa, flicker, and Instagram. You can customize the feeds using the shortcode system too. 

Photonic Gallery

The only drawback is that this plugin only has a basic version and users do not have the option to upgrade to a premium plan.


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6. Instagram Gallery 

Instagram Gallery is probably the most easy-to-use plugin. You can efficiently collect content from Instagram and publish it in the form of a carousel or gallery. 


However, the plugin offers limited customization options enabling you to set up the Instagram widget in a few minutes.


7. Instagram Widget By WPZOOM 

Another efficient plugin to embed Instagram feeds on WordPress is Instagram Widget by WPZOOM. It is extremely easy to set up and offers the option to integrate a single Instagram post at a time. 


The only downside is that this plugin does not offer a lot many customization options to the users. The users can select their preferred choice from a few layout options.


8. Custom Instagram Feed

Custom Instagram Feed is a fully responsive plugin to create an Instagram widget. Apart from the basics, the plugin also enables the users to select from a number of customization options including the width and height of the widget. 


Custom Instagram Feed gives the option to choose from a variety of layout options to choose from. The fully responsive plugin can be operated on any device including mobiles.


9. Simple Instagram Feed

Just like the name suggests, this plugin is extremely simple to use. Say goodbye to the long procedures of adding an Instagram widget to your website using this plugin. 


The plugin offers many other features too like monitoring the length of the captions. Apart from this, you can also decide on the number of photos you want to display. This plugin is ideal if you only wish to display your recent feed.


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10. Super Socializer 

One of the best features of this plugin is that you can log into your WordPress directly from your Instagram account and various other social media platforms. 


This plugin enables you to embed social sharing buttons on your Instagram widget too. After that, you can customize the post in accordance with your personal needs and requirements.


11. Blog2Social

Another extremely efficient plugin to create an Instagram widget on your WordPress is Blog2Social. In fact, not only Instagram but this plugin also works with pretty much every social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.


The plugin also enables you to schedule and re-schedule previous posts and the plugin also generates content from the Instagram hashtag feeds on its own.


Wrapping It Up

While embedding an Instagram Widget on your WordPress website may sound like a technical task and you may feel it requires some coding experience, it is not the case! 

Integrating Instagram content into your website is the most result-driven way to improve user engagement, increase your visibility and presence and ultimately boost conversions and sales. 

Using an efficient plugin, you can easily embed Instagram feed on your website seamlessly and without any technical expertise.