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Random number generators (RNGs) are pieces of software that ensure that slot reels stop in a random position. Assuming they aren’t rigged, RNGs not only make online gambling possible but make it fair too. Both land-based and online casinos have computerized slot machines and instead of the traditional handle timing and brake systems, the software generates random numbers to give players a fair chance at a winning combination. 

How do RNGs work?

RNGs take a starting number (seed number) and use a complex algorithm to generate a random number based on it. The new number then becomes the seed number, and the algorithm generates a new number. This process continues, with each number based on the previous one. There is no way to predict what the next number will be without knowing the original seed number. 

Most RNGs work with very large numbers. Slot machine reels have about twelve options each, so a twelfth of the possible random numbers will correspond to possible casino outcomes. Players can play real money slot machines online at Parx Casino. 

Is an RNG fair?

The numbers generated by an RNG are random and if someone knew the original seed number, it would be possible to beat the system. However, a seed number is very closely guarded. There is the risk that a casino could rig an RNG or use some software to skew results in its favor. Rather than just going with an engaging website when playing online slots, it is important to play with top sites that have passed third-party testing and auditing to make sure players get a fair game. 

When do the reels stop spinning?

Before a player even starts a game, the software’s RNG generates numbers at hundreds of combinations per second in order to keep the sequences arbitrary. When the player presses the “spin” button to start the game, the next number combination tells the program when the virtual reels must stop spinning. 

Artificial intelligence and slots

Many online casinos have invested in artificial intelligence (AI) for a number of reasons, including helping them to improve customer service and prevent fraud. Concerns about AI when it comes to slot machines is that machines are highly exposed and vulnerable but slot developers assure casinos that players can’t configure machines to work in their favor. Consumer advocates, on the other hand, claim that casinos may use AI to gain a house edge advantage. 

There are always players who try to cheat the system by using unfair methods to improve their odds, and using AI in casinos can help because it keeps records of the gambling activities of users, analyzes the data and uses it to look for cheating trends. 

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