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The beauty industry has arisen as the sector that is thriving constantly. And if you add on-demand facilities to the development spike, you will get a great business model that has the potential to make you the favorite of the world. On-demand beauty apps have become a popular domain. These apps let users get the required beauty service in a comfortable environment and at a suitable time. Awesome. Isn’t it? 

When we consider the top apps in the beauty apps market, all of them have something in common – a set of must-have features. Let us look at the features that are there in every leading beauty app’s success story. However, before that, you should know that if you invest into on-demand beauty apps, you invest your money in three versions – the admin, users, and beauty experts. 

On-Demand Beauty App Must-Have Features

Admin Side 

Admin side is one of the important factors that you should consider while creating an on-demand beauty app – it comes as a web app. 

Manage Beauty Experts and Users: This feature helps manage the users and the beauty experts that are active on your app. This section contains all the communication and information that have taken place between them as well as between them and your app’s support team. 

Generate Reports: Your app should have algorithms to help admin produce reports about their app performance, booking, and overall profits made by the app. 

Approve / Decline Registration Requests: The admin will have the rights to approve / decline the registration requests of the users and beauty experts based on their credibility checks. 

Manage Payments: If any payment related problems occur, the admin should be able to handle the payments made in the app. 

Marketing Collaterals Management: For new apps in the industry, it is highly recommended that the admin handles content of the app. It should also apply when it comes to the beauty panel of the app. The admin should be able to upload important marketing collaterals and edit them when required. 

Beauty Experts Side 

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The next in our list that entrepreneurs are looking for while entering the beauty app business is the experts side. Here are the main features of this version: 

View Bookings: This is the first and one of the main features of the experts’ side of the beauty app. It is where experts can see the received bookings. 

Accept/ Decline User Requests: With this feature, the beauty experts can accept, decline, or re-schedule an appointment instantly. 

Manage Calendar: This feature offers the experts the opportunity to become more organized. It lets them schedule appointments for specific time and date before hitting the confirmation button. 

List Services and Their Prices: This feature will be their profile. Here, they can list the offered services and their prices they charge for particular services. 

Get Payments: This feature will allow them to receive invoice and money. 

Service History: With this feature, the experts can take note of all the services that they had offered till date. They can also view the money they have earned for every offered service. 

User Side 

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There are many common features that work around users onboarding facilities such as simple sign up and login screens. They are present in nearly every app no matter what the category is. Except those, there are many other features that should be available in the user’s side of the app: They include: 

View / Schedule Services: Regardless of the kinds of beauty apps, the view / schedule features must be definitely offered to the users. 

View Packages: In the app, you should have a dedicated beauty service and package section – where users can see the service details in a package, rather than individual sets. 

Schedule/ Book Appointments: Once a user views the services offered by the app, they must be directed to book an appointment according to their selected schedule and address. They should then be able to select a payment module. 

Integrated In-App Payments: In-app payments must be a primal feature of the custom on-demand beauty app. You should offer your users the ability to pay in advance for the appointments. Users should also be offered the feature to do online payments after they avail a service. 

Booking History: With this feature, users should be offered the feasibility to see their booking history – service availed, date, price, and more. They must also be offered the option to re-book and re-contact a beauty expert. 

Ratings and Reviews: Users should be offered the chance to take advantages of the great power of reviews and ratings. They should be able to give reviews and ratings on the services that they got with an option to view how others have rated the beauty experts. 

Contact the Beauty Experts And App Team: The users should be offered to feature to not only call and text the beauty experts to inquire about any of their service but the app team also in case of any discrepancies. To make yourself different from your competitors, you can offer the users the feature to make calls from the app itself. Being there for your users when they require your help is a great feature that can result in the success of your mobile app. 

With this, now you know what it takes to create a successful on-demand beauty app. The only thing left now is to partner with an on-demand app development company that can assist turn your ideas into a successful on-demand beauty service app. Ensure to hire experienced app developers India to make your idea successful. If you wish to develop your business, investing in a beauty and salon app can be an outstanding idea.