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There has been a lot of talk about outsourcing in the new economy of the 21st century. While one side claims it is a great thing for the global economy and the companies which practice it, others claim that it is an unfair business practice as outsourcing work typically goes to foreign countries like India, where workers are paid significantly less.

However, the trend of outsourcing is not new, manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to numerous other countries years and decades ago. One of the relatively recent jobs to be ‘outsourced’ is office cleaning and janitorial services. We asked Cal Office Cleaning to help us understand how it all works and if it is a sustainable business model.

It Is Economically Viable

Even though it doesn’t mean sending the work somewhere overseas, like many coding and customer support jobs do, office cleaning and janitorial services do get outsourced by companies – the cleaners are no longer employees of the company, but rather contractors who do the same job.

That means that the company itself doesn’t have to pay benefits and other things related to the worker, that is the janitorial agency’s job. This enables companies to save some money, which is always a welcome thing.

The Scope of the Work Dictates the Model

Here’s the thing – most offices and companies don’t need to be cleaned thoroughly every day. In fact, most companies only get cleaned once a week – during the weekend. It is therefore not particularly necessary to have a janitor or a cleaning person employed by the company coming into work every day.

On the other hand, the janitorial company already has people who are trained for the job and if the agency has contracts with multiple companies, they can easily afford to employ multiple janitors as full-time employees or contractors.

The Quality of Work Is Likely to Be Better

When you hire a professional janitorial service, you know what you are getting – professional cleaners who do that for a living and who are likely well-trained and have all the necessary equipment (that they know how to use). This promises to produce better results than hiring an in-house cleaner. The in-house cleaner would likely not have access to the expensive equipment as it is not a rational use of the company’s funds.

What’s more, if you are dissatisfied with the work of the janitorial agency, you can complain and they will make sure to correct the mistakes, which is not always the case with salaried employees. In the extreme case, you can easily break off the contract with the janitorial agency, whereas it can be quite complicated to fire your own employee and have to train a new one.

You Get Everything Included in the Price

When you negotiate the price of the services from your cleaning agency, you can rest assured that you are getting everything included in that price, not just the employee who will do the actual cleaning. There is the cost of cleaning products, the cost of training a cleaner, the use of cleaning machinery.

If you were to keep the janitorial jobs in-house, all of those expenses would fall on your company, not just the cost of the employee’s salary. This is why specialization is such a big hit in the modern economy. There are companies which specialize in that kind of work and they can afford both the skilled staff and expensive equipment because that is the central focus of their job.

Whether you are a fan of outsourcing in general, one thing is for sure – specialized cleaning companies are here and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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