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Laser Rust Removal Concept

In simple words, laser rust removal means laser cleaning used as an operative instrument to clean underlying metal substance and product parts. It is used for the purpose of removing rust and oxide deposition without harming the metal under the surface.

In short, laser rust removal is the best way used to clean and remove the rust involving physical and chemical processes for accurate results. It has monetary as well as environmental benefits.

In all kinds of metals, it possesses properties to respond according to specific circumstances provided. The most important thing is to give special care tothe ablation threshold to remove rust from metals. Because the laser beam adjustment is made in a way allowing only rust to be removed from the metal area as an effect without damaging the base of the material or product.

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Why to Prefer Laser Marking for Rust Removal

Before laser technique, there were some common methods used for the rust removal or grease from the surface. These methods include sometimes usage of dry ice blasting, media blasting, or cleaning with various organic solvents that are sometimes injurious for health. It involves greater health risks as well as equally hazardous for environment. Sandblasting technique requires usage of Silica which is strictly prohibited in many countries due to its drastic health effects on humans.

Laser marking technique for rust removal is authenticated and preferred all over the world against other traditional methods due to following benefits:

  1. The old traditional methods involve many chemicals and including consumption of more energy. However, the laser rust removal technique is eco-friendly and considered as green technology which consumes very low energy. It minimizes the amount of dust and debris which is cleaned at once with the help of dust filtration unit
  2. It has almost eradicated the use of labour force and its expenditures involved in manual technique. Because, mostly factories are doing this task by the help of semi-automated machines or robotics in advanced countries performing the task quickly. Factories are hiring companies for execution of this task to increase work efficiency.
  3. With the help of laser marking used for rust removal, the maintenance work is minimized to a greater extent because it is comparatively more effective than the abrasive blasting/sandblasting which is great hindrance due to amount of sand presence during the whole process and damaging for machines. Due to this technique, the machines require services and maintenance work more frequently which is added cost for the businesses. However, this technique is more beneficial for any laser marking steel object that require rust to be removed afterwards in case of corrosion.
  4. Due to dust and fumes extraction unit used while performing laser marking technique for rust removal in factories, the employees and staff working in these factories are in safe hands from health safety point of view. It provides protection against respiration, hearing, skin and body of the labour performing this task.
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Compatibility of Sandblasting& Laser Cleaning

After various analyses done so far, the result shows that sandblasting is still indispensable and necessary against laser cleaning. Because, laser cleaning does not cater all the objects especially large area which is shown as example:

Product & Parts of Industry Laser Cleaning Coverage Sandblasting Coverage
Bikes, Auto Cars, Heavy Vehicles, Not Preferred Preferred
Heavy Equipment, Spare Parts Not Preferred Preferred
Metals, Structural Components Preferred Not Preferred
Rusted and Oxidized Hardware Preferred Not Preferred
Welded Materials Preferred Not Preferred