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It looks like to be in the stone age in this technological era when we see people roaming around with bulky files in their hand, sneaking them and spending plenty of time to find relevant files. Tough, it seems very easy and comfortable to take instant notes on pen and paper, but in the long run, the process of pen and paper is not efficient for the company’s operations.

Companies are now adopting digital solutions to manage their sales, marketing, and operations-related tasks to enhance the productivity of their human and material resources. So, now there is also a need to shift from paper-based data collection to digital form for data collection to manage the business in today’s world better.

Saves you a lot of money

Implementing digital forms may seem to be super costly at the start because adopting such a solution requires a lot of money. But if the amount invested is depreciated in the long run, you would see that the cost to each digital form is way less than a paper-based form.

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Paper-based forms and surveys do not just incur costs in terms of procurement of paper and printing, but they should also include the transportation cost, storage cost, and maintenance cost.

Moreover, adopting digital forms will help you save plenty of labor costs because you will have to hire people to get those forms filled, collect them, enter the data manually, store them, and then take them out in an hour of need. In digital forms, all these tasks can be done electronically by just one person.

Go paperless

Many countries are now pushing companies to adopt eco-friendly solutions for their routine operations to meet Sustainable Development Goals. Companies have positively responded to the changes and are trying their best to have minimal impact on the environment. This has sent a positive signal about the companies, and now it has become one of their competitive advantages.  So, adopting a paperless solution would not just save you a plethora of money but also give you an edge over your competitors as well.

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Supercharges your data collection

Think of a paper-based data collection strategy- you send a form along with your field team crew, fill it or get it filled from the customer, bring it back, another person enters the data, and the form is stored. This process takes a lot of time for the data to be reached and analyzed.

Now let’s look at how digital forms work. Field crew members get it filled through phone or tablet; the data is automatically stored in your cloud system and is ready to be used by the decision-making team.

Additionally, without incurring much of your cost, time, and energy, you can make amendments to your existing forms and mold them according to your organizational needs.

Data is always ready for analysis.

With a paper-based form strategy, you will always need to look at different forms back and forth to make decisions prone to errors. Also, you will need to be there where those forms are placed. But with digital forms, your data is always with you at a click away, ready to be analyzed and informed decisions about your organization’s future. In short, digital forms have made data analysis super easy and have empowered your decision-makers.

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The shallow risk involved

In the past, if the office or storage of an organization caught fire accidentally, all of the data companies lost all necessary data which cost them a lot and even led them to bankruptcy. But with digital forms, the risk of losing necessary data is minimized as the digital copies of the data can be easily stored at multiple locations.

I would strongly recommend you to look at Arrivy’s Digital Forms. The form helps you simplify the data collection and analysis, share important professional documents with your stakeholders, go green and seamlessly save important information.